Our Narrators

For most of every day, we are narrating what is occurring, judging, reflecting, considering, reacting and whilst we can never stop this completely, we can choose how we do it by replacing our narrators when we decide we want a different experience of life.

Just as we watch TV shows with voice overs which change when we finish one show and start another, we too can change the perspective, point of view, frames of reference of our own voice overs, replacing any we find negative or unhelpful with outlooks that are more optimistic and appreciative.

When we become aware of the voice we hear all day every day, we start to understand that there is a sense of self that witnesses the voice that is detached from it and that we do not need to pay attention to it all the time, believe in everything it tells us or follow its direction. We also come to notice how often it parrots the beliefs and ideas of others that we don’t actually feel are true or real for us.

This awareness allows us the distance to observe the constant narration that occurs in our minds without getting involved with it and once this happens, we find that we also have the power to influence it as we choose. We can make it lighter and brighter just by deciding to which leads us to question its view point when it is not making us feel this way so that we can choose a new outlook that does.

In this sense we are creating our narrators so that they are more resonant with the experience we want from life and know is possible. We are choosing our belief system and establishing our power over the way we explore life and how we receive and perceive what is occurring. If we don’t like the way we see things, we can change the way we judge and interpret them; we can change our narration to be more beneficial for us.

There are some that claim that we are not being realistic when we do this, that we are not living as serious people and the answer to these claims can be that we are all living in realities of our own creating; what is right and true for one will never be right and true for another. Living from an awareness of our ability to experience life from a happier and less weighty perspective can only improve the way we take part in the world, benefitting everyone.

And making choices to take responsibility for the way we experience the world and take control over the way we explore it can only continue to improve the way we think and feel and act. We all slip into unconscious modes of being throughout the day, if we pay attention to our narrators when we are conscious, we can begin to change the way we view life so that when we are less aware, we are still operating from a more helpful and enjoyable perspective.

We get to choose what we think and the way we think and this influences our entire experience of life. Creating a narrator that empowers and leads us to look at life from a standpoint of love and joy and appreciation can only lead us to happier experiences and healthier expressions of self. The choice is ours.