Our Souls Are Our Guides

New age theory, spiritual texts and gurus worldwide talk about the importance of waking up. Of freeing ourselves from the hypnotic state we are brainwashed into by man made beliefs and systems. Opening our eyes to the power and potential we have within to live beyond these paradigms and experience our best lives yet.

If we are sleep walking through life unaware of the dream we are creating and at the mercy of every external event and situation that occurs then we are not paying attention to the wisdom of our souls.

The soul is a part of the greater intelligence of life. The soul is the true self. We are a part of the greatness that creates and powers everything, that offers miracles, that answers prayers, that allows us to live as if this is really heaven.

When we shrug of the limiting paradigms of beliefs about who we are and what we are able to achieve and allow the wisdom of our souls to guide us, we experience a new state of being that rewrites old thought patterns in our brains. Letting go of old beliefs and opinions allows us to observe more of what is going on around us and we can experience a new world, a new body, a new mind, a new energy, a new self. Our greatest self.

This shift into a new state of being is possible at any time, in any moment. We have the knowledge and ability within us to experience it. In fact, our souls are constantly guiding us towards bliss but when we repress our innate wisdom, we get confused about what makes us feel good and caught up with worries about our safety, our comfort, our health and we lose sight of the wellbeing within us that is whole and perfect and ready to lead the way.

We have the choice to wake up from the dream we have been living the moment we allow ourselves to trust that a higher self and wisdom reside within us and are at our disposal every second. There is no damaging this self, no losing this self and no disconnecting from this self. There is only forgetting it and doubting it and believing it is broken.

But it never is. It is always there and it is what offers us refuge from the chains of the past, the fear of the future and the pain of the present. Any time we fall out of our self created reality and into the softness of being that is on offer to us, we experience new awareness, new energy, new neural pathways, new gene expression and a new understanding of life.

Our souls are our guides on our journey on Earth. We have the ability to embrace our truth and allow it to lead us in grace and health or deny it and struggle with a corporeal reality that feels dense and overwhelming. But when we do listen, when we let our minds get quiet and melt into the gentle guidance of the soul, we find that all of the suffering that we have endured has made it that much sweeter to relinquish our quest for control and allow ourselves to be guided with insight and love.