Paying Attention to Physical Messages

Perhaps in an ideal world we would be master manifestors, so tuned into the truth of our being and power that we could maintain pristine physical health. As we currently are, uncovering our truth layer by layer, recognising more of our limited thinking on a daily basis and slowly ridding ourselves of beliefs and paradigms that are holding us back, we do experience physical issues and paying attention to the messages our bodies are sending us whilst we reclaim our power and reconnect with our potential means getting quiet enough to hear our wisdom so that we can support our bodies when they ask us to.

So many of us feel a sense of failure when we experience physical challenges because we know we have the power to create physical wellness from the spiritual plane, we feel we eat the right foods and live the right way and start to doubt our authority and choices. At the same time, others of us feel strong for battling pain every day, without complaint, without assistance, without making a fuss, all the while ignoring what the pain is actually trying to signal.

When our bodies are asking for our attention, investing energy in feeling shame or guilt about our physical health or ignoring it doesn’t serve us, heal us or help us. Yes, physical illness is often overcome by a reassessment of the way we direct our energy and the way we choose to live and still, because we do not know it all, there are times when we require further support and different action and paying attention to the messages our bodies are sending us is how we learn about new ways to keep them well.

Because we have strayed so far from the path of intuition and become so lost in ideas about the best ways to live, we find it difficult to differentiate between our internal wisdom and advice from the ego. Intuition and wisdom are silent knowing, a feeling of no feeling whereas the ego is strong feeling one way or another. Its noise covers up what we know to be true and so the best way for us to hear what we need to is to channel our higher beings in a way that allows us to get quiet, turn within, witness our thinking without getting caught up in it and reflect on the physical messages we have been receiving and our reactions to them so that we can get clear on what is motivated by the ego and what is occurring for us beneath it.

We might journal or ask ourselves questions in meditation, what are my views on pain, am I willing to ask for support, do I trust in my wellbeing, am I comfortable with acknowledging challenges to my physical health, am I okay with admitting them to others, am I able to discern between my inner guidance and my ego, can I be peaceful and take action, will I listen to my body over my mind, am I ready to let my internal wisdom guide me in my response to physical messages.

When we get past the personal mind where fear, frustration and stress exist and enter the space of peace and trust within us, we move beyond ideas about how we should be, what we should be feeling, how our bodies should be operating and we are able to quietly reflect on our situation and our options and take action that makes best sense in the moment, safe in the knowledge that we are listening to our bodies as well as our spiritual wisdom and having faith that our journey will lead us to greater growth and understanding.

As we learn and expand past what does not serve us, it is natural that we will encounter challenges to our physical health. Whatever our beliefs are about life they either lead us towards feeling well or not and whilst we sift through these, exploring what we might let go of, we will feel the effects of them in the world of form. All life is energy and energy becomes matter that either sustains health or not. We do not need to feel guilty or ashamed or frightened when matter is not resonating with health, we can simply assess the situation as best we can and take steps to remedy it.

Doing our best to pay attention to physical messages means not paying attention to those from the ego that tell us to ignore them, feel bad about them or focus solely on them. When we are able to be curious about them, interested in what we might learn from them and grateful that we have opportunities to heal the issues they are signalling, we change the way we feel about them which allows us to respond to them from a new mindset.

Our bodies are our homes whilst we are here in the world of form. We are here to enjoy life and we always feel better when we do. Physical challenges occur for many reasons and as we explore more the way that we can positively affect matter with our minds, we have hope that even in the most extreme situations, we can be well and experience forms of wellness. Until we harness the power of thought to create constant supreme health, paying attention to physical messages is a mark of self love and self respect. We want to be well and feel well and so it makes sense to take helpful action to experience a healthy body by making decisions from openness, curiosity, compassion and trust when physical issues come up.

There is nothing wrong with feeling worried about our physical health or wanting to deny physical messages, these are programmed responses to the unknown. When we see this and that thinking and feeling this way does not serve us, we naturally want something better for ourselves which leads us to fall out of the experience of fear or denial and into something more neutral. Here we quieten down enough to tune into our wisdom and listen to what it is telling us on a spiritual and physical level.

We all deserve to be well and we are all on unique journeys of self realisation. They cannot look the same and they cannot be foreseen which is why they are so exciting. Paying attention to physical messages whilst releasing old patterns of thinking, giving up old ways of being and choosing to listen to wisdom instead of ego, will find us dealing with challenges to our physical health because we know it is okay that they do. It is resistance that causes us to feel unwell. Flowing with life and riding its waves is an option that is feels so much healthier.