Present Moment Practices

Being in the present moment takes us out of our stories about life and into a deeper connection with it. When we are present, we stop paying attention to the endless narrative of the mind and experience a state of being that is pure aliveness. We open up to the greater consciousness we are a part of and we uncover a stillness within that is peaceful, quiet being. When we touch this space within ourselves, we know truth and we break open because the illusory self, the ego, the personality breaks apart and we touch what is within and open up to who we really are; love.

These moments lead us to experience a whole new world. Once we touch truth, we can never again forget it and if we allow ourselves to know that it is always within us, we can choose ways to live that honour this knowledge and begin to see that our ability to connect with it is innate and available to us at all times. When we practice tools and techniques that are designed to bring us into the present moment it is helpful if we do so with the awareness that they may point us in the direction of an experience but that they aren’t it. What we seek is always within us and available to us and depending on our mood in the moment, we may connect with it during practice or we may not.

Present moment practices are gateways to an experience of who we really are that help us to connect with what exists before, beneath and beyond the conditioned self. Once we realise we do not need to chase truth, only open up to it, we break open more often and enjoy the stillness we explore through present moment practices without confusing them with it. Any time we are present, we forget to remember who we aren’t and connect with who we are. Practices that remind us of our truth are incredibly helpful in life, particularly when we understand that they are guiding us towards and facilitating a state of being that we always have access to, that we actually are.

The experience of who we are, of truth, is available to us at all times. Sometimes we will touch it and sometimes we won’t; when we accept this, we accept what it means to be human and we don’t become identified with or regimental about our present moment practices because we do not use tools and techniques in a way that confuses them with what we are using them to achieve. When we know fundamentally that we don’t need to do anything to find who we are other than allow ourselves to be alive to the present moment, we are free to explore and enjoy ways to remind ourselves of and connect with our truth that bring us more fully into ourselves, more fully into the beauty of the present moment and the peace, acceptance and relief that exists in it.

Present moment practices aid us because of our innate ability to connect with our health, our truth, our wellbeing and not because they are ultimately necessary for it. Practices that help us to connect with this ability remind us of who we are by guiding us back to ourselves. Identification and reliance on them takes us away from who we really are and feeds into the narrative of the conditioned self that confuses what we do and how we reach truth with the fact of it. Seeing this allows us to let go of the story that we need present moment practices to engage with the aliveness of the moment and enjoy finding new ways to connect with our truth without confusing them with it.