Resisting vs Manifesting

Manifesting is the act of deliberate co creation with the Universe. We focus our energies on what we want to see in the world, feeling the feelings of it as already in existence and from there surrendering our efforts to the Universe to bring it into being. Manifestation works to help us shine a light on the areas where we are held back, invested in limited beliefs, not fully faithful and trying to control an outcome rather than allowing it to unfold.

Resisting is Not the Same as Manifesting

One area of struggle can come from our efforts to resist what we do not want and believing this to be the same as or a part of the process of manifesting. When we believe in the possibility of something, we are teaching ourselves to feel like it already exists and we work towards achieving it, operating on the faith that we are sending signals of intention into the Universe and we do not focus on what we don’t want or make efforts to resist it.

Manifesting is the awareness of possibility and our potential to bring into being what we want to experience. We allow ourselves to be guided in action by a trust in our ability to create from a space beyond the physical in the way that is right for us and beyond our expectations or beliefs about how it should unfold.

Resisting is the act of struggling to withstand the effect or action of what we do not want to occur or the attempt to prevent it from happening by fighting against it. When we are focused on resistance, we fall out of alignment with our truth, our core values, our ability to experience insight and spiritual guidance, as well a state of faith and trust.

What we Resist Persists

We are all familiar with the phrase, ‘what we resist persists’ and if we are trying to control what doesn’t happen we aren’t steering our energy towards possibility or trusting in it enough to surrender control. Instead we are using our energy up in an attempt to manage our circumstances because we are operating from the belief that if we don’t, things will not unfold as we want them to and perhaps we will not be able to manifest at all.

Resisting is not the same as bringing awareness into our lives in order to become conscious of the people we spend time with, the feelings we most live in and the thoughts we most think about, it is about trying to control what happens, usually by wanting to manage what other people say to us or believe in or do because we are somehow worried that they might influence our outcome or by struggling against our thoughts when we spend a few minutes pondering an unwanted result, experiencing negative daydreams or finding ourselves repeating old thought patterns.

When we remain true to our goals and beliefs and trusting in our ability to co create and communicate with the Universe via the experience we choose to live in, we do not allow ourselves to be continually influenced by other people because we never lose sight of our own power to create our experience, remain centred and focused and in touch with the knowledge within that we have the ability to maintain our truth at all times. We also are able to distinguish between having a thought and energising it, as well as the state we most live in versus a few moments of doubt or stress or overwhelm created by unhelpful imaginings which we can let go of if we don’t actually believe in.

We Are Creating Our Experience

Every time we focus on and attempt to resist or control those who are doubtful of our dreams, against our desires or critical of our ability to manifest, we forget that they don’t need to believe in something as long as we do and that as creators of our own experience, we have the power to decide what we think and feel without needing to struggle or fight against what other people are experiencing.

Likewise, we do not need to resist the thoughts that flow through our minds that are not in line with or supportive of our vision because we cannot control our thoughts, only the focus and attention we give them and the thinking we generate about them. We do not need to resist the experience of occasionally imagining worst case scenarios or things going wrong because it is the experience we most create for ourselves via the beliefs we hold true that dictates our results and resistance against any feelings we perceive as unwanted or negative most often gives us more of the same and directs our focus and energy away from what we want to create and experience.

Manifesting is about the freedom to explore our creative capacities in the spiritual realm in order to create in the world of form. It is a recognition of our abilities and not a resistance of faith. Struggle creates tension, strain and force and manifestation is less an act of forcing than of allowing. When we believe in our worth, our wellbeing and our spirit, we believe in a truth that guides us to explore and celebrate who we really are and what we are really capable of creating and achieving.

There is a consciousness at work that is always loving us and supporting us and energising the experiences we create for ourselves. When we default to its wisdom and potential, we do not need to resist life. Rather we embrace it, aware that we can have any experience of it that we want and knowing that it is our experience of life, created via our thoughts and feelings, that dictates to us what we can and can’t create and communicates to the Universe what we believe we can bring into being and what we wish to experience more of.