Review: Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest the Law of Attraction is a book that was communicated to Esther and Jerry Hicks by a family of Non-Physical Beings assembled by their intention to remind those of us on Earth of the Laws of the Universe that govern all things. This is a detailed workbook that establishes its message early on and tells its readers in two parts how to achieve it: Part I: Things That We Know, That You May Have Forgotten, Which Are Important for You to Remember and Part II: Processes to Help You Achieve What You Now Remember.

It is our intention to help you remember that you are extensions of Source Energy; that you are blessed, loved Beings; and that you have come forth into this physical time-space-reality to joyously create.

This is a book about manifesting what we want in all areas of our lives. To create the lives we want, we must look at the thoughts we are thinking and the feelings they are creating and the desires they giving off as vibrations and consider the questions: Are we living in a good feeling? what feeling are we living in? What results is living from this feeling giving us?

You can live comfortably, joyfully, resiliently, and healthfully as long as you have the desire that summons life through you.

The message of the book is that our feeling state is dictating the results we are getting from life by creating desires within us that we communicate via vibration to the Universe and that these desires are being fulfilled by Source Energy. Our feeling state is created by the thoughts we are thinking and according to Abraham, we can choose the thoughts we think and the feelings we live in – which create the desires emanating from us that Source Energy responds to – and live the life of our dreams if we just stop waiting for them to come true in order to feel as if they already have.

The stream of Well-Being flows even if you do not understand that it does, but when you consciously become aligned with it, your creative endeavours become so much more satisfying, for them you discover that there is absolutely nothing that you desire that you cannot achieve.

We all know what it’s like to be in the zone; we act from a clear mind, things seem to go our way and every action we take leads to an opportunity or successful outcome. In those moments it feels like life is on our side until something happens that we didn’t plan for and we feel knocked off course, defeated, lose faith and give up.

Wellness that is being allowed, or the wellness that is being denied, is all about the mind-set, the mood, the attitude, or the practiced thoughts.

What if in these circumstances we decided to see past the defeat to what greater things might occur and allow them to come into being instead of the plan we had in mind? What life lessons and growth and spiritual development is being offered by the rerouting of our path? What in fact might be helping us on our journey rather than knocking us off track? Abraham tells us the work never gets done. Because we are always generating desires. What if despite being in the zone we have in the past still given energy to our fears and acted from that perspective and lost sight of how things might go right or get better?

There is no reason that Well-Being is not pouring into your experience in precise detail in response to all of the things that you have identified that you want, other than the fact that you are in a bad mood, or are angry or worried about something.

According to Abraham, we are always seeking out a good feeling, albeit sometimes in the wrong way, in everything we do. We are encouraged to reach for the best feeling available to us in any moment. Sometimes we create resistance to what we want with opposing desires but we can build on the best feeling available in order get into a feeling in line with the life we want be living.

There is no desire that anyone holds for any other reason than that they believe they will feel better in the achievement of it…at the heart of every desire is the desire to feel good. And so, the standard of success is absolutely the amount of joy you feel.

Abraham tells us that we must live in the feeling of what it is that we want to achieve. This way we feel appreciation and appreciation is the most powerful connection between the physical and the non-physical and allows us to receive inner guidance clearly. The only thing preventing us from doing this is other thinking which is creating a feeling which is communicating a desire via vibration to the Universe.

With enough attention to anything, the essence of what you have been giving thought to will eventually become a physical manifestation.

To the cries of ‘It’s not that simple’ or ‘It’s too hard’, Abraham reminds us that we are a physical extension of Source Energy. On a fundamental level, we know how to do this and why. We get the experience we are focused on but we have an inner guidance system that lets us know which thoughts are most helpful to us by the feeling of them.

You have a built-in, easy to understand guidance system within you, with indicators that help you understand the strength or power of your signal, as well as the direction of your focus. Your feelings are the representatives of your guidance system. In other words, the way you feel is your true indicator of your alignment with your Source, and of your alignment with your own intentions…

What we enjoy about this book is the message that we don’t need to control our thoughts, just be aware of them and follow the ones that lead to a truly good feeling; ones that feel in line with who we really are. That our beliefs are only thoughts we have focused on and practised the vibration of. That we can know if our most habitual thoughts are helpful for us based on the feelings they bring of harmony or disharmony that in turn indicate to us whether we are in alignment with Source Energy or not.

This is a book that will help you understand who you really are, who you have been, where you are going, and all that you continue to be.

Whether everything in this book resonates or not, isn’t it a wonderful idea that we not wait until some specified event or success is achieved to be happy? Isn’t it an empowering message that we can live in a state of grace and wellbeing and faith no matter what is happening outside of us because we get to choose our point of focus and allow our inner guidance to lead us towards feelings of wellbeing? We think so. It is also helpful to be shown how to do this in different areas of our lives by the processes in part two.

You are Leading-Edge creators, sifting through the wonderful contrast of this Leading-Edge environment, and coming to new conclusions that summon the Life Force forward.

If we all just want to feel good – and we can feel good in spite of our circumstances and that choice will actually bring about better circumstances – then what have we got to lose? It would seem actually only the unhappiness and lack of results that come from a life of listening to thoughts that aren’t in our best interest and that prevent us from living the life of our dreams. A life that we can begin manifesting the moment we choose to feel good.

Be easy about all of this. You tend to take life so seriously. Life is supposed to be fun, you know.