Review: Becoming Supernatural by Dr Joe Dispenza

As long term fans of Dr Joe Dispenza, we tend to find wisdom and inspiration in every one of his talks, meditations, workshops and blogs and this is no less the case with his new book, Becoming Supernatural: How Common People Are Doing the Uncommon. Peppered with incredible real life stories of healing and transformation, as well as scientific data that backs them up, this is a how to guide on changing your life, getting beyond your limitations and accessing the supernatural within.

If knowledge is the precursor to experience, then the more knowledge we have about how powerful we are, as well as understanding the science behind how things work, the more we can understand the limitlessness of our potential[.]

Dispenza’s work is concerned with one thing: living as the greatest expression of the self that we can in this moment and Becoming Supernatural gives us insight, meditations, science and data to change our energy in order to transform our physical reality so that we can start living lives based on possibility rather than memory and conditioning.

I want to show you how powerful you can be.

Dispenza began his investigations into quantum healing when he was run over by a truck in his 20s and refused surgery to fix his broken back. Against doctors orders, he left hospital with the firm belief, “The power that made the body, heals the body” and spent the next ten weeks working to focus his thoughts and energy on connecting with the innate intelligence that could heal him. Eleven weeks after the accident and being warned that without surgery he may never walk again, he was back at his practice treating patients.

Once you have a mystical experience and get your first glance behind the veil, you can never go back to business as usual.

There is no molly coddling in this book; the directive is simple: make your mind matter because you and only you have the power to rewire your thoughts and reprogramme your feelings to connect with the divine and begin living your life as if your dreams have already come true.

[I]f you don’t get beyond who you think you are and the way you’ve been conditioned to believe the world works, it’s not possible to create a new life or a new destiny.

Dispenza wants us to make contact with the quantum field, otherwise known as the fifth dimension, where all possibilities exist in the eternal present moment so that we can get beyond the predictable future we have created based on the memory of who we are and and surrender it for something greater, something supernatural. Challenging our notions of time and space in order to expand our understanding of what is possible leads us to break our known associations with the physical world and access the biology that turns the spiritual into new material. In the fifth dimension, we become greater than our environments and the limitations we have until now believed they impose on us.

[W]e are not linear beings living linear lives, but dimensional beings living dimensional lives.

This is a spiritual book with scientific evidence of the physical changes that can occur when we connect with our supernatural ability to experience the quantum field. Determined to appeal to even the most sceptical among us, brain and heart scans are provided, as well as photon emission readings, from workshop participants who have experienced spontaneous healing, which show the physical changes that can occur when we enter elevated emotional states.

I want to demystify what it is to have an interdimensional experience as well as provide the science, biology, and chemistry of the organs, systems, and neurotransmitters that make this happen.

This book goes beyond the material covered in Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and You Are the Placebo. Meditations guide readers to enter the automatic nervous system to programme it with comprehensive orders to heal, balance and energise the body. Breath work teaches the body to liberate the energy of stored emotions, enabling us to live in the future-present reality rather than the past or unconscious present. We are guided to experience a new reality beyond the senses by activating the pineal gland which in turn creates a physical reaction and we are reminded time and again to remain in the elevated consciousness we leave our meditation in rather than return to the limited, unconscious states of the mind and body.

[O]nce someone moves beyond the association to their body, their environment, and time and takes their attention off matter and objects, they become no body, no one, no thing, no where, in no time.

Dispenza is a huge fan of embracing the unknown; if we aren’t ready to, we will get what we’ve always got, living the same day over again, investing all of our potential for change and expansion and experiencing the mystical into energy keeping the same memories in place and firing the same thoughts which create the same emotions which trigger similar thoughts which starts the whole cycle off again.

[L]iving in the unknown means we are in the realm of possibility.

The energy of this book is infectious and whilst it is dense in information and evidence, it keeps momentum with its insights and wisdom. Mind blowing information is given at every turn – did you know we only use around 1.5% of our DNA – that encourages us to question what we know in order to open up to a greater reality.

Each of us has myriad possible incarnations that exist in the eternal present moment, all waiting to be discovered.

Joe Dispenza shares information for those who want to change, for those who want to transform and for those who have a nagging feeling that what they see and do and perpetuate each day is nothing close to what they might be able to achieve and believe and perceive if they just step beyond who they think they are so that they can wake up to who they might become. We are with God, we are a part of the divine and we have access to this innate intelligence in every moment as well as the energy to connect with it and channel it and use it to become unlimited. We just have to put the work in and as Joe is never tired of telling us, make our minds matter.