Review: CultuRAW Crackers from BioStyle

As fans of raw food we are always on the hunt for new raw products to spice up our daily diets. Raw crackers are a staple. Made from sprouted nuts and seeds for optimum nutrient absorption, they are dehydrated at low temperatures rather than baked to preserve the enzymes and nutrients which differentiate living raw foods from those that are cooked. Often made with a combination of nuts and seeds, superfoods and pseudo grains, there doesn’t tend to be much variety from brand to brand so when new raw crackers hit the market we keep our fingers crossed that they will offer something different.

BioStyle’s CultuRAW crackers come in six flavours, are beautifully packaged and are produced by a company passionate about bringing great tasting alternative products to the health food market. Their packaging is recyclable, their ingredients organically grown and their focus on sustainability and all round health.

Neither super thin with a flax base nor super thick with a nut base, CultuRAW crackers are a blended mix of seeds and buckwheat that are substantial yet light, soft yet crunchy, given texture by whole seeds and flavoured with vegetables, herbs and spices. They are oil free, the perfect size and flavourful enough to snack on alone.

Ingredients are carefully chosen by the company for health and flavour and include savory, a spice we hadn’t come across before despite it being used in some herbes de provence mixes. Chosen by BioStyle for its health enriching properties and high levels of B vitamins, iron, calcium and zinc, it is related to thyme and rosemary, has a peppery flavour and works well to enhance the flavours of other ingredients. These crackers are made by a company that carefully considers its ingredients and are passionate about contributing to health with the products they bring to market. We are huge fans.

We spoke to BioStyle about their passion for healthy foods and raw food products.

Why did you decide to start producing health foods?

The idea for BioStyle was born in 2010. It is the family business of Evgeniya and Dimitar Stamenovi. The concept of organic foods arose from our desire to consume “real”, clean and healthy foods, containing all the necessary micro elements and nutrients, without artificial additives, colors, flavours and preservatives, produced from the raw product of organic farming without the use of genetically modified organisms, artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

Why raw?

We develop our products by consciously selecting the raw materials and creating unique recipes. One can make good and delicious products only if the best ingredients are used. We aim to make tasty foods, promoting human health that are rich in nutrients, fibre and minerals.

Gentle processing guarantees that as many of the precious nutrients and ingredients are preserved.

Our first products were 100% wholegrain/ glutenfree cookies and sticks. Then following the future trends in nutrition we decided to complete our range of products with our healthy CultuRAW crackers and raw probiotic Goody bites.

Why organic?

We support sustainable farming practices. As trivial as it sounds, we are what we eat. The state of our physical and mental bodies are determined by the food we eat. We prepare organic foods, by using only certified organic ingredients. We produce organic foods because this is the only way to trace the origin of all the ingredients we use. We are happy that in our products you can’t find pesticides, GMO, fertilisers or synthetic food additives.

Where are your ingredients sourced and are they fairtrade and sustainable?

By using organic ingredients we help mother nature, promote ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. For sure organic products contain more nutrients. All of our ingredients are sustainable and we are trying to use as many local Bulgarian organic ingredients as possible so we can support Bulgarian organic farming.

We use only organic ingredients, support sustainable farming practices and aim to use less energy in preparing our foods.

Ingredients are treated with respect of their precious nutrients:

  • Grain is milled on a stone mill with the bran and the germ, keeping all the fibre, vitamins and minerals.
  • Dried fruits are simply cut; we don’t use fruit concentrate, aromas and color additives.
  • The bourbon vanilla we use is a ground orchid stem.
  • When the crackers are prepared, precious seeds are soaked to sprout where possible, sun grown vegetables are chopped where needed, aromatic seasonings are sprinkled, the smooth mixture is gently formed into crackers which are slowly dried at 42°C and finally packed.

Where are your products made?

We are based in Bulgaria and we just finished our new production facility in a clean area near Plovdiv. The new place will meet the highest standards for food production according to EU regulations.

What makes your raw crackers different to others on the market?

The crackers are a handmade mixture of sprouted seeds, full of precious nutrients and essential fatty acids, aromatic herbs, seasonings and superfoods. All vegan and gluten free, grown with care for the Earth.

The dream of producing healthy, natural and delicious foods by using local organic ingredients came true and become a successful project.

The special thing about our CultuRAW crackers is that first we activate the seeds and when the sprouts awaken, special processes take place and enrich them with nutrients. After that they are slowly dried at temperatures not exceeding 42°C to keep all nutrients alive. Therefore the crackers are raw, not cooked and easily digestible. We believe that people embrace our concept of healthy living, because our customers love our raw crackers as a better version of bread, good for the digestive and immune system.

Is your packaging recyclable?

All the paper we use for the packaging of our products and also marketing material is recyclable. Actually our stand, that we use for trade shows is made from special recyclable material. Our bags used for the Goody bites are also recyclable as they are made from PP plastic.