Review: Eco Cleaning Products from ATTITUDE

Eco cleaning products haven’t always been effective but as more come to market, the pressure is on for companies to create products that compete well with conventional options.

When it comes to maintaining a healthy home, the products we use to keep it clean are as important as the organic sheets on the beds, the non-toxic paint on the walls and the allergen free furniture that fills it. Going green inside also has an impact on the health of our environment outside. Toxic cleaning products used in sinks, baths and washing machines means toxic runoff in our water supplies, rivers, streams and oceans.

ATTITUDE, a Montreal-based company, have spent the past 10 years developing all-natural products dedicated to promoting healthy living. We tried some of their cleaning products and loved the results we got.

The Natural Air Purifier in lavender and eucalyptus works by filtering the air through activated carbon. Not only does this purifier get rid of odours quickly, it fills the air with a light, natural and refreshing fragrance that lasts for weeks.

The Dishwashing Liquid in green apple and basil is the best alternative washing up liquid we’ve ever used. Dishes are squeaky clean, glasses are smear-free and our hands are soft with no dry patches.

The Kitchen Cleaner is incredibly effective at cutting through grease. It cleans surfaces thoroughly and effectively cleans ovens too.

The Bathroom Cleaner is one of our favourite products from ATTITUDE. It cuts through soap residue, leaving the bathroom sparkling clean. Most impressively, it cleans off water marks on metal taps and showers that other products don’t shift.

The All Purpose Cleaner is our other favourite. We use this on wooden surfaces, marble countertops, laminated furniture, yoga mats and floors. It cleans effectively on every surface and lasts a long time.

We got in touch with ATTITUDE to ask them some questions about their company and ethos.

What inspired you to start producing healthier household products?

A study done by the Organic Consumer Association has revealed that even products identified as “bio” or “green” contain carcinogenic contaminants. Knowing that research now shows that 90% of cancer is linked to our lifestyle, it is essential, more than ever, to be conscious about our choices. Based on this realization, we set strict product development guidelines and regulations to assure that all the ingredients we use do not appear on the list of substances known to cause cancer or other reproductive harm, as found on Proposition 65 of the California Health and Safety Code.

We chose to protect our families as best as we can, and we extend that same peace of mind and new consciousness to yours.

At ATTITUDE, we made a deliberate decision to never compromise health at the expense of developing products. In fact, the driving force behind our existence is our passion for creating products that are pure and effective for the entire family. We set out to create the products that we were able to find for our babies and loved ones – products that we would know to be as safe as possible.

We are a group of parents who share a vision based entirely on wellbeing. We design our products not according to the size of the market to be captured, but according to our own needs and those of the ones we love. Our goal is to live consciously and never lose sight of what is really important. We can’t control many things in our environment but we can control our choice.

How are your household products different to others on the market?

At ATTITUDE, we develop Ecologo Certified products using only natural and worry-free ingredients : free of cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens, and endocrine disruptors that are still legally tolerated contaminants found in personal care and household products.

What non-toxic ingredients do you use that make your products as effective as those with harmful chemicals?

Vegetal-based surfactants are the cleaning/washing agents used in our products.

Why is it important that we become aware of the ingredients in our household products?

Both in household AND in personal care products, ingredients and contaminants contained in our everyday products are washed away in the environment and/ or absorbed by our skin. As we are constantly in contact with them, directly and indirectly (e.g. the water we drink contains a common carcinogen contaminant called 1,4-dioxane), we are exposed to whatever we choose to buy.

For our own good, the choice we make at the store will impact our health and environment, today and tomorrow.

How can conventional household products negatively impact our health?

In household and personal care products, cancer-causing chemicals, mutagens, and endocrine disruptors can negatively impact our health. There can also be allergenic ingredients and irritants that can affect our skin condition.

Are your products organic?

Our R & D team, with its strict criteria mentioned above, guarantees the absence of carcinogenic contaminants, mutagenic and endocrine disruptors. These ingredients can be found legally in conventional and organic products.

All our products are biodegradable, carbon neutral and made with ingredients of mineral and vegetable sources.

We select our ingredients according to criteria that encourage sustainable practices for raw materials. Furthermore, all our products are vegans, that is to say, they contain no animal ingredients. ATTITUDE is certified vegan and animal cruelty free by PETA and is part of their program “Beauty Without Bunnies 101”.

The organic allegation and certification regulate the origin of ingredients and only in relation to a certain percentage of biological origin (this percentage varies by region of the world and may consist only of a 5%). Organic products may contain ingredients other than natural ingredients and contaminants. So we made the choice to establish our criterias beyond government regulations and organic certification.

Is the packaging recyclable?

All of our bottles are made of recycled HDPE #2 plastic, the easiest plastic to recycle.

Why are alternative products more expensive?

Natural ingredients do cost more to use as there is less demand for them and cost more to extract. Also, external costs for conventional product (related to health issues and environmental impact) are not taken into consideration. The volume of demand for alternative products are necessarily lower than multinational brands, than the more basic offer/ demand principle