Review: Karma Cards: Amazing Fun-To-Use Astrology Cards to Read Your Future by Monte Farber

Monte Farber is an astrologist, psychic, coach and tarot guide who wants to help people improve their intuition and decision making abilities. A best selling author of books on tarot, personal reality, astrology and self help, amongst other subjects, his latest release is a set of cards designed to help users get in touch with the wisdom of astrology as well as the knowledge of the higher self, “that part of our being that actually chooses to undergo certain experiences in order to explore our full potential” in order to assess the outcome of a situation or action we can take to change it.

I have invented KARMA CARDS to help everyone describe and predict the forces influencing both the actions and gravitational attractions of people, the “stars” of all the dramas being played out here on Earth.

KARMA CARDS: Amazing Fun-To-Use Astrology Cards to Read Your Future actually are fun, in an engaging and empowering way. Farber introduces himself as the Celestial Mechanic and the cards as a tool to allow users to instantly put the ancient wisdom of astrology to work in guiding us to meet our selves at the highest level, basing the use of the word karma on Edgar Cayce’s interpretation – “meeting your self” – in order to make sense of our circumstances and take helpful action.

Farber explains that we are never not in touch with the higher self, the greatest resource of power and knowledge available to us at all times but that we have to open our minds in order to realise this potential for self guidance. To this purpose, the KARMA CARDS are available to help us access the higher self and the information of all lifetimes, anywhere, anytime, using the symbolic language of astrology’s planets, houses and signs in order for us to receive guidance in making best decisions about future events and current challenges.

To our Higher Self, the individual lifetimes it experiences throughout time are like unique talents we possess and explore at different times in this life when the conditions are right.

Questions should take the form of, “What will be the outcome of…” or “What can I expect to encounter” and “What should I do about…” or “What should I keep in mind when…” and concentrated on during the handling of the cards which are then laid out as a three card reading: made up of a card from each of the Planets, Signs and Houses packs. Answers are given on three levels: Spiritual, Mental and Physical with action answers given in red and outcome answers given in blue.

Farber advises that we focus on what the answers given mean to us, no matter how others interpret them and that we respect the need for others to do the same, refusing to project or enforce our readings of their cards onto them. If answers seem unclear, Farber suggests rephrasing questions, moving outside of the known self to open up to the answer, asking a trusted source to interpret our cards or flipping them upside down to read the opposite sentences.

Your answer is what the KARMA CARDS mean to you and not to anyone else.

Reassuringly, Farber emphasises the role of free will in the outcomes of our decisions and the actions we take. Not only do the cards offer room for interpretation but we are able to use their answers to change the course of fate or destiny by changing our perspective and mindset. Predictions are based on the beliefs and conditions in place at the time the question is asked and changing the prediction can be done by changing the attitude and state of mind that will produce the results.

Farber suggests that answers that don’t suit us or don’t ring true are challenges to change our fate by using our free will to create a different reality. These cards are designed to help users understand our experience of reality and the experience of others and they will give their best advise if we are open to understanding their message and working with it.

Free will is stronger than anything […] and NOTHING can overpower us unless we let it!

Further reading of the cards comes from understanding the effect of the planets in our solar system on us. Farber explains the origins of astrology that was used in ancient times as a guide to seasons and the natural events taking place during each zodiac. Information is given on understanding the meaning and messages of the planets as well as their energies. These energies are qualified by the signs the planets occupy which are in turn divided into 12 houses that describe the area where these energies are most likely to manifest or be focused.

This is where things get complicated but as is the case throughout, Farber strives to explain things in a simple and down to earth manner and it is refreshing to come across a self help tool that explores its subject in detail and encourages further investigation, as well as reading with a list of books on health, healing and spirituality, in order that its users fully grasp its potential and purpose. Farber takes his work seriously enough that he reveals only once users have digested and understood the information given on the planets, signs and houses, that the cards can actually be used to give yes or no answers.

The signs of the zodiac are the universal backdrop against which we perceive the planets, the energies operating in our lives. But it is the houses that make these energies unique and personal.

Farber’s desire is to help people understand and access astrology and he succeeds with these cards which act as an insightful and educational tool to help us to tune in to the frequencies beyond the known in order to access answers from the Higher Self.

For those of us who believe that we hold the wisdom of divine, universal mind within us and are continually seeking ways to communicate with this energy and receive its guidance, KARMA CARDS are a great resource that encourages us to explore the celestial energies at work as well as our own potential to interpret and utilise them and even overpower them if we desire. As long as we are willing to understand what is at the heart of these cards, Farber suggests our readings will be helpful and he is satisfied that we can “give both yourself and others the kind of a reading for which the KARMA CARDS have been designed.”