Review: Moon Journal by Sandy Sitron

This beautiful and empowering journal from hypnotist, writer and astrologer, Sandy Sitron, is designed to help users unleash their full potential, guiding journallers through moon phases, zodiac signs, daily routines, rituals and manifestation.

The moon is all about reflection […] Self reflection can inspire self discovery. This journal will show you how.

For those with a love for journalling as well as an interest in the mystical, Moon Journal: Astrological Guidance, Affirmations, Rituals and Journal Exercises to Help you Reconnect with Your Own Internal Universeintroduces the benefits of journalling in tune with the moon’s cycle, using its phases to reflect, set intentions, process, release and celebrate and enjoy life in all its facets. This journal is about reconnecting with the rhythm of nature, living at a gentler pace and in a state of flow, retuning our lives and allowing us to harness our energy to create a more harmonious inner state that reflects outwards.

Living in harmony with the moon and stars connects us with our own internal universe.

As we journey around the sun, which rules the masculine, approximately every 30 days, we enter a new zodiac sign that offers themes for self development, which Sitron advises helps us to understand ourselves on a deeper level. Every 28 days, the moon, which rules the feminine, moves through a new cycle, helping us to grow and expand as it waxes and release and let go as it wanes. As the sun draws our attention to a zodiac sign, the moon helps us to understand how it relates to us specifically.

In astrology, the sun represents the essence of who you are and the moon represents your emotional nature.

The purpose of engaging with these planetary forces is to grow and develop our awareness of who we are and who we want to become. Using the moon to guide us with clarity in our journalling and vision of the future, allows us to use its phases to become powerful creators, setting intentions, matching those with elevated emotions and bringing into being what we want to see in our world.

Emotions are the language of manifestation. What you feel, you will manifest more of in your life.

Separated into four quarters, the moon cycle moves through the new moon, first quarter, full moon and last quarter, which in turn are separated into eight significant parts. Detailed suggestions for each quarter accompany a blank monthly calendar that allows for dating each moon cycle per zodiac period. Wider information is included on mythology, mysticism, crystals, herbs, moon goddesses and rituals that guide meditation, intention setting and balancing energy and instructions for a Birthday Vision Board encourages us to celebrate and wisely begin our personal new year.

Give your wishes to the moon.

Each moon phase brings about a different energy and advise is given on rituals that speak directly to the subconscious, effecting positive change on a deep level. There is much emphasis on following intuition and honouring our own truth and journey when using this journal; the only right way is the one that connects us with our own innate intelligence and helps us flow with the cycles of nature.

Let the tidal pull of your connection with the cycles of nature bring you closer to yourself.

Comprehensive, insightful, educational and beautifully designed, this journal is a delight to read and use. It is astrology for those who wish to take responsibility for their lives and take charge of what they manifest, using the cycle of the moon and signs of the sun to evolve with awareness and create with intention. Empowering its users with possibility and potential, it encourages us to explore, develop, create and restore as well as celebrate the lives we are consciously manifesting.