Review: Sensitive Skin Care from MuLondon

We have fallen in love with MuLondon. Everything about this company rings our bells: they are compassionate, using only ingredients with no trace of animal testing in their production history; they are pure, dedicated to using few simple and organic ingredients and they are ethical, committed to preserving human and planetary health whilst investing in good causes.

We tried their Fragrance Free Collection for sensitive skin and were impressed. Issues ineffectively treated by other organic skin care brands saw improvement, skin felt clean and our morning and night time beauty routines were reduced to just two products that also replaced others in the bathroom cabinet.

The Fragrance Free Foaming Cleanser is light yet deep cleaning. Made up of only seven ingredients, this cleanser manages to remove dirt and debris without drying or aggravating sensitive skin. After just a few days, skin was noticeably cleaner and pore size reduced. This cleanser also works well as an all over body wash and light shaving cream. This is our new go-to face wash.

The Fragrance Free Moisturiser is a concentrated hydrating water-free combination of only five ingredients that resembles a solid souffle. Light but creamy, easily absorbed but weighty enough to be deeply nourishing, it carries a light scent of rosemary that is calming, mood elevating and proven to be brain boosting. After only one day of using this, problem areas were smoother and less angry and after a week, skin was even and well hydrated. A little goes a long way with this rich balm which is lucky because whilst it is sensitive enough for the face it is designed for all over use and can replace hand, feet and body lotions. We’ll continue to use this alongside an anti wrinkle serum for optimum results.

We spoke with MuLondon founder Boris about his passion for organic beauty products.

What motivated you to create a range of clean skincare?

I have always believed in the power of nature. When I was growing up, my mother would often talk to me about medicinal plants, their properties and their Latin names. This fascinated me. She would show me what natural remedy to use in case of cuts, bumps, bruises or upset tummy. I learned to rely on herbs, not pills.

For a number of years, I lived, worked and studied at a biodynamic centre in Sweden, on the unspoilt coast of the magnificent Baltic Sea. This made me realise how connected we all are; to each other, to mother nature and the world around us.

Pure natural essential oils and herbal extracts are used to divinely scent and gently preserve the certified organic ingredients.

A combination of genes, stress and the lack of sun caused me to develop eczema and psoriasis. This seriously affected my appearance and my self confidence. As I did not want to rely on prolonged use of steroid creams, I went back to my roots. I read everything that I could about herbs, essential oils and natural skin care. This lead me to start making my own lotions and balms, based on old, proven recipes, the things that I had learned from my childhood, my life at the biodynamic farm and my intuition. After successfully testing the formulas on myself and my friends, an idea was born to create my own range of skincare products.

What ingredients do you never use and why?

There are a number of ingredients we don’t use. We stay away from all animal ingredients. In 2017, using products like lanolin, collagen or emu oil is just preposterous. Because of sustainability issues or their lack of nourishment, we don’t use petrochemicals, artificial colours or fragrances.

Novel and proprietary ingredients will often have been tested on animals somewhere in the world, for some reason, so these have no place in our products.

We like to focus on few simple, mild and effective natural ingredients. We use time proven traditional herbal remedies that provide healing and feed the skin such as shea, jojoba, coconut, hemp, rosemary, lavender and rose. When it comes to skin care, we believe that less is more, so our formulas have on average 5-10 ingredients.

I love working with rosemary. This is one ingredient that is present in every single of our products. Rosemary [Rosmarinus officinalis] has been used for thousands of years as a natural food preservative and herbal medicine for a variety of health problems. Originating from the Mediterranean coast, it was firstly imported to China 2000 years ago. It has been widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine ever since. It is recognised as one of the most powerful antioxidant plants. We use it because of its strong antioxidant action, while naturally extending the shelf life of our products.

Why organic?

We only use the finest plant based ingredients to make our products and we believe that less is more. Fewer additives, less intensive farming, fewer chemicals. This gentler, holistic approach is better for the planet, the plants, the animals and ultimately the human race. Organic lifestyle is a topic I am very passionate about and it is very close to my heart. I am overjoyed that our range is certified by The Soil Association.

Why vegan?

By proudly carrying the internationally recognised Vegan Society logo, we are showing that the entire MuLondon skin care range is suitable for vegans.

Veganism is a deliberate, conscious move towards a more compassionate way of life – cruelty-free, sustainable, clean, pure and natural. Those qualities are the building blocks of MuLondon and are reflected in everything we do as a company.

Not only is the entire range vegan but MuLondon is a 100% vegan company and we will never use any animal derived ingredients or ones tested on animals. Compassionate vegans, vegetarians and everyone else can enjoy MuLondon products knowing that they are doing something good – not only for their skin, by caring for it naturally but for the good of the environment and animals.

Why do we need to be aware of the ingredients in the products we put on our skin?

The skin is our largest organ and absorbs a lot of what we put on it. If we pay attention to what we eat, it would only make sense to extend the same courtesy to our skin. Just as the food we eat – or not eat – can affect our health, so can our skin care products. Why overload the skin with unnecessary additives? Choose mild, simple, effective products that care for and support your skin and the environment.

How you source your ingredients and ensure they are sustainably grown and that companies you use guarantee fair wages and treatment of workers?

We vet each of our suppliers very carefully. In addition to complying with our existing certifications, we ask them questions about their policies, fair labour, fair wages, environmental policies and recycling, amongst others. These issues are very important to us, which is why we have certifications from B Coporation, 1% for the Planet and Green America.

Certified B Corporation: MuLondon is the first UK skin care company to pass the requirements of the rigorous B Lab assessment and earn the prestigious title of a Certified B Corporation. As a part of the process, we answered more than 250 questions about our business practices. By being a part of the B Corporation movement, MuLondon joins other ethical businesses who make environmental and social performance as important as financial.

The company’s focus has always been on producing organic, cruelty-free and vegan skin care products, in the most ethical and sustainable way; our purpose driven goal is to have a positive impact and use business as a force for good.

As a Certified B Corporation, MuLondon’s mission is reinforced with transparency and accountability, and a triple bottom line: people, plant and profit. Change is good. Be the change.

1% For The Planet: As a member of 1% For The Planet, MuLondon pledges to donate a minimum 1% of annual sales to support environmental non-profit organisations. We care deeply about the environment, which is embedded in our company ethos: we use only certified organic, naturally-derived ingredients while banning additives and our range is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

We have a passion for nature and we want to see it thrive. What we do to preserve our natural resources has a global impact.

We are delighted that we can be a part of the solution by supporting organisations that are campaigning for a greener world. When you purchase a MuLondon product, you know that 1% of the price goes to preserve the environment. You, too, are making a difference.

We feel honoured to be able to share our success with organisations that are there in the trenches, who strives valiantly and dare greatly.

Green America: MuLondon is proud to have been awarded the Green America Business Seal of Approval. We have been awarded the Gold Seal, the highest accolade available, given only to “green businesses showing leadership in their industry, that embed social responsibility into the DNA of their company”.

We are committed to going beyond product quality to set the highest standards in environmental sustainability and social justice and work to solve, rather than create, environmental and social problems.

To be considered for the Seal of Approval and earn a listing in the annual National Green Pages, we completed a rigorous screening process to ensure we met Green America’s environmental, community and labour standards. This included vetting all of MuLondon’s suppliers to make sure that also they live up to the strict standards.

What is your advice for taking care of skin in spring?

Follow nature. Take its lead and awaken, slowly. Do a spring detox, inside and out. Spend some time in the sun. A weekly steam and scrub routine will do wonders for your skin. Drink plenty of water and consume fresh fruit and vegetables, preferably organic. There’s no magic or shortcuts – it’s a collection of simple, easy steps that together make a difference, regardless of your age or the time of the year.