Review: Vegan and Gluten Free Organic Granola from Wild Thing

Granola, the luxury breakfast item. Mixed with oats and eaten with nut milk, topping smoothie bowls, ice cream and coconut yogurt, as an on the go snack and an energy boost mid afternoon, we love to eat it and are always on the look out for new brands and varieties.

Wild Thing granola is our current favourite. Made by a company committed to tracing ingredients to ensure sustainability, fair trade practices and quality products, this organic granola is vegan and gluten free and made without quinoa and buckwheat, two ingredients so commonly used.

Sweet but not too sweet, all four flavours are made from seeds, toasted coconut chips, dried fruit and decadent hand baked clusters which give them a baked dessert taste. Despite being so delicious, this granola lasts a long time. It’s rich and dense which means a little does a long way and it stores well in airtight containers.

The Mountain Berry, packed full of cranberries, mulberries and gojis, is like a sweet baked treat, delicious for snacking on. The Rainforest Fruit granola has a tangy, tropical flavour perfect for dressing up yogurt with its dried banana and pineapple pieces. The Island Coconut granola is a plainer variety, sweet and nutty tasting and ideal as a topping and mixed with other ingredients to make a the perfect cereal bowl.

All taste good but our favourite has to be the Equatorial Cacao. Made from sunflower seeds, toasted coconut chips, raisins, cashews, coconut sugar, dates, brown linseeds, raw cacao powder, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, coconut powder, raw cacao nibs and vanilla powder, this is dessert for breakfast and makes a really energising meal. We also love this on ice cream and sprinkled on top of cakes and desserts for an extra depth of flavour and sweetness.

We spoke with Wild Thing about their products.

What inspired you to create Wild Thing?

Wild Thing are a part of Organico Realfoods, an organic company that has been operating for more than 25 years. Founded by Charles Redfern, who still runs the company, Organico is based around the principals of quality, value and ethics within the food industry. We have a small team based in Reading.

Many free-from products will add in filler ingredients or chemical alternatives so we wanted to create a new nutrition brand that was focused on high quality, using only active organic ingredients.

With the growing trend for new nutrition and free-from products we noticed that a large number of these products were non organic. This seemed counter intuitive to us, especially as the best way to guarantee good quality, natural products that are free from chemicals is to choose organic.

Where are your products made?

Our Wild Thing range is made by trusted suppliers in Italy, Bulgaria and here in the United Kingdom.

How do you choose your ingredients?

We are aware that the term ‘superfood’ gets banded around a lot and without legal definition doesn’t mean a great deal. We choose our ingredients based around what they can bring to our products, whether that’s chia for protein or cacao for rich antioxidants. Taste is a major factor too of course, so ingredients are also chosen that will fit into the unique flavour profiles we are looking to create. As mentioned above, we are much more focused on organic and on quality. Because we only use active ingredients, no fillers or nasties, our products are incredibly nutrient dense and full of vitality and natural goodness.

Are your ingredients sustainably grown and harvested?

This comes down to our insistence on organic produce. Organic is what we do. As a company our organic principles are the cornerstone and for us it goes beyond the ingredients themselves and into an entire holistic ethos. We source ethically, pay suppliers fairly and choose to support people who are passionate about food quality. We believe that organic is a necessity to guarantee sustainability, ethical practices and of course high quality.

We work closely with our suppliers to make sure that all of our ingredients are organic and sustainably sourced.

We buy wholesale organic ingredients from trusted and vetted suppliers. We are not directly in contact with the farms but we work with manufacturers that we have a very close and long lasting relationship with and who understand our ethical principles and requirements. In terms of Fairtrade, that is a complicated issue and a tick box with many pros and cons that only really benefits a small percentage of producers.  Our version is to abide by our ethical organic principles, to source and pay fairly, to not impose heavy contracts and to work with suppliers that mirror our principles, so that we can be sure that everybody has been treated fairly all the way down the line.