Review: Where’s My F**king Unicorn by Michelle Gordon

Succinct, concise and easily digestible, Where’s My F**king Unicorn: A Guide to Life, Your Unicorn & Everything is a refreshing and enlightening take on self development as well as a call to action for us to do the work necessary to get what we want from life.

Assuming we have all read enough about self development by now to understand that change comes from within, Michelle Gordon encourages us to apply our knowledge by trying out different routines, systems and programmes until we find what works for us rather than giving up on the way.

You’ve read the books, attended the seminars, done the chanting and burned the incense, but you’re still waiting for your fucking unicorn.

What is your unicorn? What does your ideal life look like in all its facets? Gordon asks her readers to identify what it is we really want and then find it by applying techniques that create healthy and positive change.

Covering beliefs, story telling, complaining, law of attraction, reprogramming, habits, cycles, responsibility, mentorship, perfectionism, acceptance and more, this little book uses a light, relatable and humorous tone to explore and explain spiritual and psychological concepts so clearly and effectively that change seems simple and we are inspired and empowered to actually get on with doing the work it takes to give up who we’ve always been in exchange for who we want to become.

Your stories do not define you, and they should not limit you. You are perfect! You are unlimited!

With reference to and recommendations of carefully selected material that Gordon has found to be helpful for herself and others, this book doesn’t leave its readers high and dry but encourages continued and conscious effort on the path of self development.

There is a constant emphasis on making the effort to change. There is little point in knowledge if it is not applied and the onus here is on the reader to do the work to improve their life rather than just accumulate more information on how to do it whilst continuing to invest in the same beliefs, thought patterns and behaviours that prevent us from moving forwards.

Your complaints are basically requests to the universe to give you more stuff to complain about.

Gordon tells us why leaving the toxic or no growth comfort zone we have fooled ourselves into believing is cosy is essential. We must embrace the unknown for change to occur and giving up what we are used to in exchange for all that awaits us is a necessary step to getting our unicorn.

Moving from awareness of what we need to do to action that brings it about, growth and evolution are important themes and Gordon asks us to look at where in our life we make compromises because things aren’t too bad so that we can let go of what is and strive for something better.

There’s really no other solution to inaction than to JDFI [Just Fucking Do It]…What are you waiting for?

Where’s My F**king Unicorn is a matter of fact, judgement free, funny self help book that disseminates a huge body of self development information into a short, attractive guide to applying it by making choices and decisions to change our lives and taking the necessary action to get our unicorn.

Giving up the excuses, making our passion our priority, challenging our limiting beliefs and leaving our comfort zone in favour of the unknown, are all requirements on the path of positive change and for anyone who has been waiting for something to spark the fire within, this book could well be it. Easy to read in one sitting but powerful enough to keep referring to, this book is one we highly recommend to inspire, encourage and urge us into action.

I want to say to you, from my heart to yours…You can do this. I believe in you. Now get started.