Self Care Journalling

Acts of self care do not need to be grand gestures that take time, cost a lot of money or require large amounts of energy. Whilst a spa trip might be a wonderful experience or a meditation retreat might ground and centre us, taking care of ourselves through small acts every day that we can easily and enjoyably incorporate into our routines encourages us to treat ourselves kindly without giving time to unhelpful ideas about how we should or why.

Spending just a few minutes every morning reflecting on what we might do for ourselves during the day to demonstrate self respect and self love can help us to actually make the effort to celebrate and care for ourselves in little ways that boost our self esteem, self confidence and self trust and may already be acts we do readily and regularly for others.

We function best when we treat ourselves well and respect our needs and healthy desires. Self care journalling can help us to reflect on any blocks we have to experiencing and demonstrating self care, allowing us to gently uncover unhelpful beliefs and ideas about worth and deservedness, whilst consciously affirming that we are innately worthy of self care and that anything that tells us otherwise is misguided.

Uncovering any resistance we hold in place to loving and looking after ourselves is an act of self care in itself, allowing us to remember our worth and discover ways of caring for ourselves that put us back in touch with feeling well and healthy and supported. Journalling our free flowing responses to the questions below can help us to release our blocks and experience the relief that comes from allowing ourselves to feel good and taking time to nurture and maintain our sense of wellbeing.

What small act of self care might I do for myself today that will connect me with feelings of health and happiness?

What small act of self care would I like to do more than this but feel unable to?

What comes to mind when I consider doing this for myself and how does it make me feel?

Where did I pick up these ideas or create these beliefs and why do I invest in and energise them?

How do I take part in the world when I feel cared for, healthy and loved?

Why would I deny supporting myself in feeling this way?

Why would I deny the world this connected, whole feeling, supported self?

What meaning have I attached to self care?

How would I encourage someone I loved to support themselves easily and happily?

What acts of care do I do for others on a daily basis?

Why would I not deserve my own appreciation, kindness and respect?

What small act of self care will I commit to today?

How will I deal with any thinking and feelings of unworthiness that come up?

How can I strengthen my understanding that I am deserving of self care?

How can I support myself as I rediscover self love?