Self Improvement vs Self Realisation

Self improvement is the act of trying to improve oneself in terms of habits, behaviours, lifestyle, relationships. Self improvement can serve us well but what really makes a change is self realisation; understanding who we really are and what this means for us in all areas of our lives.

We are of an energy that creates and sustains life. It is the reason we have eyelashes and fingernails, that we can metabolise food and aren’t plugged into a power source. It is the reason for the beauty of the natural world and the inclination we have towards faith and trust.

Whatever name we give this divine source, it is where we come from, what we are made of, who we are: love, peace, wellbeing. When we realise this, self improvement is taken out of the equation and in its place is an opening up to a universal consciousness that can guide us and drive us and teach us what we need to know.

When we connect with the truth of who we are, we find perfection. There is no need for improvement where there is divine wisdom and love. When we live from this energy, we make healthy decisions, we treat others well, we allow the voice of the ego to pass by with its recriminations and judgements and insecurity and fear. We trust in a deeper, truer knowledge and understanding to speak to us and we allow ourselves the space and quiet to listen.

We experience lasting change when we drop into the space before, beneath and beyond the intellect and allow it to guide us. From this space we make decisions that lead us to better health in all areas and we don’t have to stick with a plan or berate ourselves for veering off track because we are open to seeing where wellbeing takes us, trusting in a higher course and allowing it to lead the way.

When we drop out of thinking and relax into being we are operating from a clear, pure, eternal energy that guides us to our highest good. If we trust in it and allow it to guide us, we will always do our best and be our best. When we have moments of getting caught up in unhelpful or unhealthy thoughts, we allow ourselves to move on without identifying with them or the unhelpful actions and behaviours they inspire.

Noticing the suffering that occurs when we struggle against our truth and try to train ourselves to be what we already are with self punishment, self criticism or self disgust allows us to see the beauty in choosing, once again, the peace of divine flow over the effort of the ego which opens us up to the limitless potential of who we truly are.

Self realisation is total and absolute improvement because it is the highest upgrade. We cannot beat the true nature of who we are. Everything we aspire to be: good, kind, fair, non-judgemental, respectful, loving, peaceful, secure, confident, connected, balanced, safe, resilient and well is everything we are already.

When people speak of looking to what is right with us as a means of creating more of it, they are guiding us towards our inner truth. Who we are is the fundamental basis of everything we seek: the beauty of nature, the comfort of connection, the solace of silence and the peace of wellbeing. Until we realise this, self improvement seems a necessary way forwards but self improvement is a natural outcome of self realisation because who we already are is everything we could ever hope to become.

Header image: The Rainbow Coast, Salty Wings