September Favourites

Another month full of great reading, eating and product discoveries has come to a close. Here are our September favourites.

Jardins de Gaia Unbleached Tea Filters

We are tea mad and many of our favourites come pre bagged but so often we come across organic mixes at fairs, markets and in small tea rooms that are unbagged and we buy them knowing the mess that will ensue. Until now. Jardins de Gaia’s tea filters make drinking loose tea a breeze without compromising our health in the process. Their filters are glue free, unbleached and made from cellulose and manilla hemp.

Jardins de Gaia Unbleached Filters

Planet Organic Chocolate Bliss Paelo Granola Bar

We are almost sorry we discovered these chocolate granola bars from Planet Organic because we just can’t get enough. Crunchy, nutty, sweet, chocolatey and just the right size, made from just coconut nectar, sunflower seeds, cashews, coconut chips, dates, brazil nuts, coconut sugar, almonds, linseed, vanilla, chia and cacao powder and nibs, these bars are health food done right.

Planet Organic Chocolate Granola Bar

The Chocolate Yogi Peppermint Jazz Bar

For those thinking of skipping to the next product because they aren’t fans of mint chocolate, neither are we! But this super creamy, beautifully flavoured peppermint chocolate has won us over and we cannot stop telling people about it. Raw, vegan and organic, this chocolate beats anything dairy hands down and the crunchy minty sugar coating on the base of each square takes it to another level of deliciousness. We are going to go ahead and declare this the best mint chocolate we have ever eaten.

The Chocolate Yogi Peppermint Bar

Superfood Smoothies: 100 Delicious Energizing & Nutrient Dense Recipes by Julie Morries

We are superfans of superfood expert and natural food chef, Julie Morris and her smoothie recipe book lives up to our expectations. Julie begins the book explaining her love for smoothies which is followed by smoothie basics, their function, advice on how to build the perfect smoothie from the base up, the benefits of essential smoothie superfoods and a coded system to decipher which of the following 100 recipes is good for beauty, bone strength, cleansing, heart health and immunity. The smoothies themselves are innovative, great tasting and packed full of vitamins and minerals. For anyone struggling to get enough nutrients into their day, drinking cauliflower, broccoli or watercress is now a reasonable and good tasting option.

Superfood Smoothies by Julie Morris

Vegan & Raw 2: 65 Easy Recipes for More Energy by Julie Van der Kerchove

We love Julie Van der Kerchove, she’s upbeat, enthusiastic and passionate about health and her attitude to food and healing through diet is reflected in her great tasting, colourful and innovative recipes. We would be hard pushed to choose favourites from this great book although the Almond Bread, Coconut Curry Noodles, Superfood Chocolate Bars and Almond Madeleines get made a lot. An open and honest introduction about Julie’s healing journey through food is followed by advice on kitchen equipment, pantry staples and time saving tips before the recipes, which cover Breakfast, Drinks, Snacks & Sides, Light Meals, Big Appetite and Desserts, all accompanied by gorgeous photos. There is something for everyone here, regardless of diet and lifestyle choices and we recommend this book to everyone who loves food.

Vegan & Raw 2 by Julie Van der Kerchove

Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

We often think of rest as the opposite of work and whilst we do our best to balance the times that are work and not work, we might not be resting as efficiently as we could be or should be. This book challenges preconceptions about rest – rest can be active – as well as what rest is and why it’s good for us. Delving into the science behind what our brains do when we rest, why it enhances problem solving, creativity and efficiency when we are working, the author cites studies, the daily lives of world renowned geniuses and neuroscience to explore why we should rest, when we should rest and how we should rest to get the most from our time and the best from ourselves at work. A four hour work schedule, morning routine, napping, walking, recovering, playing and taking time off all feature as effective ways to create a day that includes deliberate rest in order to cultivate calm, capacity for focus and maintain a steady energy during working hours.

Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

Mortier Pilon Fermentation Crock

Used to fermenting in jars, it took us a while to get used to using this crock but we are oh so glad we did. This fermentation crock provides a specialised anaerobic fermenting environment for the food, weighed down by a ceramic weight and releasing carbon dioxide that is released via the water seal lid. Ferments taste wonderful, fresh and last well. We cannot recommend this crock highly enough.

Mortier Pilon Fermentation Crock

Botanics Organic Facial Oil 100% Organic by Boots

We love a good face oil to add to our day and night creams and as we use all organic products, are usually prepared to pay premium prices which is why we are so excited about Boots Botanics Facial Oil. 100% organic with a wonderful fragrance, this long lasting oil provides deep moisturisation. Great for nourishing skin as we head out of summer and towards winter, this dense oil is made from skin enhancing sweet almond and rosehip oils and a little goes a long way.

Botanics Organic Facial Oil

Pure Naked Botanicals Totally Naked Soap

This beautiful, luxurious, scentless organic soap actually has a fresh and natural fragrance and is currently our favourite thing about baths and showers. Lathering into a thick and creamy foam that cleans without drying, this soap comes from a company dedicated to using the power of nature to create luxury skin care made from the best quality organic ingredients that are effective, non toxic, safe for people and the environment. This gorgeous bar is made from just olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, avocado oil, glycerin and spring water and is perfect for all soap uses.

Pure Naked Botanicals Totally Naked Soap

Metal Webcam Covers by

Ideal for covering phone, tablet, notebook and laptop cameras, these thin metal slideable covers are thin enough to allow devices to close whilst being well designed enough to stay in place. Magnetised to ensure effortless sliding across the camera, these covers are the best we have come across.

Webcam Covers by