Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to connect you with your truth, your worthiness, your power and your potential.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down. Close your eyes.


Imagine yourself sitting cross legged with your forearms gently resting on your thighs.

There is a beautiful yellow light all around you and you are pure yellow light too, not matter just luminous energy vibrating at a frequency of pure being.

There is a feeling of warmth and strength throughout you and you feel clear and pure and whole.

All tension is leaving you from the top of your head down through your jaw and neck and shoulders, your torso, your arms and hands, your hips and pelvis, legs and feet.

You are light and free.

There is nothing holding you down or blocking the flow of energy that you are and that is flowing to you and through you from the space around you.

You are pure light.

You are pure consciousness.

Sometimes you forget this.

Sometimes you misunderstand that wherever you direct the energy of consciousness you experience it, that whatever you energise comes to life and feels real.

You are your own creation.

What you decide to do and be and become is up to you.

You have the power to set aside who you are not and rest fully in the bright light of your true self.

You are a part of the energy of life and you are innately whole and happy and healthy.

There is nothing you can do to change this and so you can move on from all that tells you otherwise and embrace the truth of who you are.

Deep within you is a timeless wisdom that can guide you to live from self trust and self love and self authority.

If you defer to this intelligence it will lead you to make authentic choices and take inspired action and live from the peace and wellbeing that you really are.

As you remember this your light gets brighter and you find you are merging with the energy around you.

You are dissolving the illusory self and remembering your connection to the light of love that is the energy of all life.

You are realising fully the glory of who you really are as you let go of what distracts you from your truth and open up to it totally.

Every time you choose to experience something other than wellbeing, you doubt your potential to live well but your potential to live well is limitless.

Allow your thoughts and ideas and opinions to fade away.

Relax into the bright yellow light that is all around you and that you are a part of.

You are supported by life.

You do not need to control it or fight it, you can simply allow it as you trust yourself to deal with what comes up and enjoy the ride.

Why did you come here?

What is it you wanted to do and see and be?

Allow your purpose to unfold now.

Take a few moments to be still within and open to what wisdom makes itself known.

Notice that your body has shape again and that you are still sitting comfortably in the light.

At the bottom of your sternum is a glowing ball of energy that is shining more brightly than anything else.

This is your truth, this is your potential, this is your ability to live life well and fully and happily.

This light is always within you and can never be put out.

It is who you really are.

Let it guide you.