Spring Cleaning Our Lives

Spring cleaning is traditionally the practice of freshening up our homes and most used spaces in order to bring in new energy and create a feeling of freshness in the places we live and work. Extending this practice to other areas of our lives can make the most of spring’s energies of refreshment, renewal and rebirth and see us making helpful changes that wake us help to our own potential for health, growth and vitality.

Mental Energy

Let us spring clean our minds, creating more flow and less stagnation and obsession. We can let go of the thoughts that hold us back – we have all made mistakes and they are actually our way of learning how to evolve into more successful human beings – and hold us down – we all have the wellbeing within to heal us, recover us and help us live from resilience, self love, compassion and wisdom. There is hope and newness in the air now, making it a wonderful time of year to let go of old patterns of thinking and explore the ways that work best for us to default to a healthy and helpful state of mind.

Attention and Focus

We spend an inordinate amount of time giving away our attention to devices, apps and websites designed to distract us from more meaningful pursuits and limit our ability to focus when we need to. Spring cleaning our technology routine can see us reclaiming our attention and focus by doing as little as limiting necessary screen time to working hours and unnecessary to three times a day, before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not only will we feel liberated, more present and more connected to our environments and those around us, we will find that it is a lot easier and more enjoyable than we realised to bring our attention and focus back to our lives.

Physical Health

The sun is starting to shine for longer periods of time, the birds are singing and daffodils, crocuses and other spring flowers are blooming. We feel refreshed and inspired by nature’s call for us to wake up and rise, making now a wonderful time to fully realise that we can make any changes we like to our lifestyles in order to embrace physical health. Vibrant health, physical agility and a pain free existence are ours for the taking if we only choose to return to nature when it comes to our diets and exercise, filling our plates with colourful, healing and revitalising plant based foods and getting outside into leafy spaces or other natural environments to stretch our limbs and move our bodies.

Releasing Old Emotions

Winter hibernation is over and as we shed our blankets and layers of clothing, we can also release any old emotions that have been layered up, covering our wellbeing and wholeness and keeping us mired in old habits of feeling and expression. Our most common feelings are the result our most common thinking and we do not need to be afraid of our emotions or identify with them. As old emotions make themselves felt, we can allow them to be, noticing that when we do, they dissipate, leaving behind them neutrality and spaciousness. Our emotions are not working against us but for us, they are a direct reflection of our state of mind and as we spring clean our thoughts, we spring clean our feelings, thanking them for their messages and releasing them from service. We are ready for renewal and rebirth.

Making Plans

As the weather improves and the days get longer, we naturally wake with more energy and an increased desire to go out into the world. Making use of this by setting plans in place for the season ahead will build on the feelings of possibility and potential that spring brings, providing the opportunity for us to create and explore from a previously unknown mindset. We are free to choose our course of action and the way we approach our next steps. If we wake up to the divine intelligence within us we will be guided to grow and develop, planting seeds now that will yield results in the weeks that follow.

Self Care

A time to take things at a gentle pace, spring encourages us to flow through our days, living lightly and slowly. Taking time for self care now is essential to helping us navigate and experience life from a state of wellbeing. Self care is less indulgence and more necessity as we are at our happiest and healthiest when we are making time to identify our needs and meet them. Meditation, massages, warm baths, beautiful meals, life affirming ceremonies and rituals, journalling, solitary walks, whatever the method we choose, a practice of self care eases us into a new season and lovingly guides us to awaken at this time of year.

Spring is the time of newness, growth, exploration and freedom. The natural world is rejoicing as it comes to life once more and we intuitively feel that this is a time for positive development and forward movement in all areas. Just as the seed is guided to grow and blossom, we can navigate life from a more intuitive space, allowing wisdom to guide us as we wake up to a brighter and fresher way of experiencing our lives and being in the world around us.

Header image: Tree Against a Yellow Background, 1901, Odilon Redon