Spring…changing everything carefully…without breaking anything.

– E. E. Cumming

After resting and restoring during winter’s hibernation, we are awakened by spring’s warmer weather that shifts us out of our dormancy. Between winter and spring, our energy begins to increase and although the weather is still cool, we physically feel a change. By the time spring arrives, we feel emotionally ready for renewal and become more social and active.

There is a reason that we spring clean our homes, workplaces, wardrobes and minds during this season. There is a new energy that signals growth and rebirth in spring and we connect with this intuitively, embracing it as we can in the physical world.

We slowly allow the protective layers we have worn all winter to fall away and open ourselves up to the renewal and awakening of this season.

Mentally, it is a time to make changes and transition into new ways of being and thinking. We are supported in this by more sunshine, a feeling of extra time to get things done, gentle breezes, blowing away the old and making space for the new, blossom on trees, reminding us of the beauty and light in the world.

Spring is the season of harmony.  This is the time to roam through gardens and forests, to sit leisurely in scenic kiosks and take in the tranquil sights of nature.  Open up your heart, get rid of all stagnant energy, and thus encourage the budding qi (of birth, life, and renewal) to flow.

– Gao Lian

Spring is a time of freshness. Windows and doors are opened and clean air sweeps through our homes. The sunshine brings with it valuable vitamin D as well as triggers for happy hormones. We are more inclined to spend time in nature, observing its changes which benefits us spiritually and emotionally.

To support our physical health during this time, we can stretch, eat more cleansing foods such as green leaves and fruit, practice gentle exercise such as qi gong, walking and swimming and support the health of the liver and digestive system with whole grains, milk thistle, high quality vinegar, garlic, ginger and lemon.

Emotionally, we can calm our feelings by observing our minds. Are we very busy thinking? Can we slow down by letting our thoughts flow as they are designed to and enjoy a more meditative experience in the process? As springs energies stir within us, it is helpful to notice our emotions and explore ways of being present with them in order to help understand their source and allow them to calm down. Meditation is a wonderful practice during spring. It helps us awaken from winter’s sleep and transition into this time of newness.

It may take us a little while to properly warm up to the changes of a new season and one week after the spring equinox we are beginning to tune into them within and without. Some will have felt physically drained by this period as they use their energy to effectively grow up through the hard and cracked earth, opening to the sunlight around them. Our body is a microcosm of the natural world that obeys its laws and rhythms. It pays for us to be as gentle and respectful to our bodies and minds as we would be towards a seedling finding its way above ground. Spring is a time to be patient, slow and present. A time to enjoy the natural rhythm of birth and renewal all around us. A time to…

Begin afresh, afresh, afresh.

– Philp Larkin