Stop Playing Small

You are a child of God.

Your playing small does not serve the world.

– Marianne Williamson

We all know the feeling of wanting to run from life, hide away, get small, stay safe. We also know the feeling that arises when we imagine being free to expand and trust and grow and love life and be bold and break out and connect. Which feels better? Which will serve us? Which will have the best impact on those we love and the wider world around us?

No one wins when we play small. When we deny our desire to shine and share and learn and play. No one wins when we give in to fear. When we withdraw and contract and despair and deny.

We are born with wellbeing within. It is our divine right to express this. It is our work to break free of the ego and live from our truth. We must strive for health, we must believe in love, we must trust in the strength and resilience of who we really are.

Those who are suffering innocently believe that inflicting pain will relieve their own. That sharing their scars will lighten them. They are wrong. And we are hurt. But we do not have to carry the weight of pain. We do not have to endure the burden of suffering. We can let go. We can rise up. We can forgive. We can move on. We can grow. We can believe. We can have faith. We can shine.

When fear wins, nothing changes. We get small, we stay small, we survive, we exist, we stay scared, we stay lost, we lose faith, we disconnect, we withdraw, we obsess, we get dense, we diminish, we darken.

When we see our small thoughts and refuse to let them get big, when we call them out – “I see you, thoughts, you are not who I am!” – we remain in touch with our strength, light, love, source, joy, resilience, peace, gratitude, faith. We remain connected to something greater than ourselves.

When we feel well, we act well, we are kind and caring and help others and lead those who are living in the darkness we have left behind. We thrive, we develop, we evolve, we inspire, we guide, we share, we connect, we love.

Playing small is not who we are, it is who we have been taught to become. It is what the ego tells us is the best option based on its understanding of the word we live in. But when we open up to the opportunities and potential that exist for us to live large, grow, trust, expand, we find that playing small doesn’t keep us safe, instead it keeps us stuck.

Growing through fear, shrugging off the ego are choices we can make and benefit from if we just call out our thoughts, take them out of the darkness and examine them in the light. When we do we notice that they are illusions and we diminish their power so that they can no longer hold us back.

Stop acting so small.

You are the universe in ecstatic motion.

– Rumi