Supporting Our Health during the Holidays

Traditionally holiday seasons are a time of celebration in all areas and we enjoy and indulge, eating and drinking what we don’t usually and in quantities that leave us feeling in need of a little extra health support. Here are a few easy and simple approaches that can help us to recover quickly from indulgence and support our bodies in detoxing and healing.

Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal is a time worn remedy for digestive discomfort due to its absorbent properties which aid the body in dispelling gases and toxins. Drinking a teaspoon in a glass of water before going to bed after an evening of indulgence can reduce the effects the morning after.

Lemon Water

When we wake up after a heavy night, a glass of fresh lemon juice in water can help to reduce inflammation, stimulate healthy digestion, detoxify the liver and boost immunity with its vitamin C content.

Nettle Tea

Drinking nettle tea throughout the day can help to replenish lost minerals and flush toxins from the body as it is a natural diuretic that supports kidney, stomach and digestive health and it also reduces inflammation, pain and blood pressure.

ABC Juice

Drinking fresh juice the day after a celebration works like taking a multivitamin. Whilst ABC juice usually includes apple, beetroot and carrot, we use celery for our C making this juice extra potent. Alkalising, hydrating and rich in antioxidants, apples help to cleanse and detox the liver, reduce inflammation and boost digestion with their high fibre content. Rich in antioxidants and nutrients, beetroot helps to stimulate the lymphatic system, aiding detox and increasing oxygen in the blood. Celery is a powerful anti inflammatory agent, rich in trace minerals that supports liver and kidney health and flushes toxins from the digestive tract, making this juice a more powerful recovery agent.

Milk Thistle Extract

A detoxifying herb with anitiviral and antioxidant properties, milk thistle promotes liver health and contains healing properties that support digestion and immunity. Taking it three times a day in water during the holiday period will help the body to recover from indulgence and strengthen it in preparation for the next celebration.

White Willow Bark Extract

White willow bark contains a compound called salicin which makes it a natural alternative to aspirin that can reduce fever, pain and inflammation and it is especially useful in treating headaches. It can be taken in water up to three times a day and works almost instantly to relieve discomfort.

Whilst we can support our health during times of indulgence by making smart choices that keep us well nourished, hydrated and in a state of balance, we can also choose to indulge in ways that do not compromise our physical wellbeing too much and that are still inline with a lifestyle that is health promoting and respectful and loving towards ourselves.