Taking Inspired Action

Being productive helps us feel well and move forwards but not all action yields results in terms of achievement or learning and knowing what to do and how to do it to get us closer to realising our goals, creating a quality life and enjoying our time is the difference between doing and achieving. Likewise getting started on something before the perfect moment or a sign from God can see us looking for opportunities to take productive action despite feeling hesitant or cautious to begin with.

Doing what we’ve always done or for the sake of doing because it’s worked before or because it feels comfortable sees our actions lack direction, efficiency or creativity. Waiting for a sign from the Universe or the perfect time before we get started on something sees us wasting energy, losing focus and doing nothing to foster growth, insight or revelation.

Taking inspired action sees us following our creative impulses to produce whilst paying attention to the quality of our actions, their purpose, efficiency and results.

We are designed to be inspired. We are intelligent machines powered by a divine consciousness that has given us the gifts of awareness and thought so that we can reason with ourselves and our circumstances, enjoy clear perspective and clarity and generate new and more effective ways of doing and living as we go.

Letting ourselves be guided by our intelligence and common sense to take action that best utilises our strengths, skills and time, overriding the ego and allowing us to flow in a mindset of productivity and efficiency creates quality results, spurs new ideas and solutions and encourages us to keep going when we come across setbacks or challenges.

Focusing on what we want to achieve and then taking inspired action to get there means allowing our wisdom to take control. Rather than setting ourselves menial tasks that don’t help us or taking part in exercises that don’t evolve us, we move away from old patterns of behaviour towards new ways of taking action that are effective and time efficient.

We do this by examining what we have done and why we have done it and allowing ourselves to get clear on better ways of taking action that move us beyond limitations and beliefs that have stood in our way before. We have the potential to succeed in the areas we want to succeed in and taking inspired action builds on that knowledge to see us develop our skills and explore our abilities so that we don’t just do what we’ve always done or what other people do but make our time count by being productive in ways that bypass the ego and are guided by a higher intelligence.

Inspired action occurs when we look for new ways to express ourselves and explore the opportunities around us for maximising our efficiency and making best use of our time. This requires a shift in mindset so that we look outside of what we know and beyond who we believe ourselves to be in order to experience new thinking, take new action and yield new results.

We are brilliant creatures of innovation and we are also marvellous at making ourselves feel stuck, uncertain and held back. We underestimate how good change can feel and overestimate how happy we are with the status quo. We trick ourselves into believing we are limited and wonder why we aren’t reaching our potential.

Shaking things up and allowing ourselves to be open to insights and guided to take inspired action from a space of new thinking sees us doing things we had never considered before and experiencing things we didn’t know we ever would. And we all have the ability to do this, we just need to clear our minds of the ideas we have about who we are and what is possible for us and embrace our capacity for taking action that is productive, efficient and inspired by our desire to grow, expand and achieve.