Taking Responsibility for Our Experience

There comes a point in our evolution as human beings when we begin to understand that our experience of life is our responsibility and no one else’s. This can seem unlikely or unfair in many situations but when it comes down to it, we are the only people who can truly take control of our thoughts and feelings.

Responsibility is empowering, it’s healing and it’s helpful. It allows us to step away from blame and shame and guilt and into compassion and clarity and insight. Taking responsibility for ourselves and our experience sees us acting more in our own best interests, taking practical and helpful action, seeking to keep ourselves well and safe and removing ourselves from situations where we feel otherwise.

It can seem that taking responsibility for our experience let’s others off the hook if they have caused us pain or distress or suffering but that is not the case. Actually it allows us to stop focusing on other people and their actions and releases us from the hold or influence they seem to have wielded over us.

Taking responsibility for our experience gives us a choice over how we react and respond to life. It does not mean that we need to feel ashamed or guilty for not knowing better beforehand or for reacting from old patterns when we do. It means deciding to make changes and looking within when we don’t act from our newfound sense of strength and understanding.

It also isn’t about denying our feelings or trying to shut off emotion. It’s about recognising that we feel our thinking and understanding that we don’t have to give power to our every thought because we can take responsibility for the ones we choose to energise and give life to. That we get to choose who we are, how we feel and how we act because we have control over our experience and not outside factors.

Responsibility is proactive, it is freeing and it is empowering. When we take responsibility for our experience, we grow. We become aware of our potential to change the way we think and feel about things and start to uncover who we really are and how we want to live.

When we come to understand that we can take control of our lives in a way we hadn’t previously realised, much of the struggle and stress of life disappears. Yes we will still face challenges and circumstances beyond our control but understanding that the way we react to and experience them is our choice, liberates us from apprehension or fear about things turning out as they’ve always done before.

We are far more than we have ever realised and we will keep uncovering more of our greatness as we evolve. Before, beneath and beyond habits and identity, fear and pain is a loving and intelligent energy that is stable and whole and available to us at all times.

Taking responsibility for living from this space of wellbeing and honouring it in the way we experience life puts us in control of living from an authentic space of health and wisdom. We become empowered by taking responsibility for our experience precisely because it gives us control over how we think, feel and act and opens our eyes to who we really are, beyond the set of thoughts and behaviours we have come to identify with and be defined by.