Professional Session:

Lucy’s common sense approach along with her vast experience and understanding of sales and marketing and the health food world helped me to identify solutions to problems that I had not even realised were holding back the growth of my business. Her support and belief in me and my vision encouraged and empowered me and I am grateful for everything we achieved during the time we worked together.”

– Aija, Pura Vida

Personal Session:

“I recently went through a difficult time in my marriage and Lucy helped me immensely – I was able to see that my husband and I were both acting out of insecurity. I was also able to see that my husband has the same innate wisdom as I do, and when I focus on that part of him, I am able to forgive and love him in the moment. A few months ago, before coming to this understanding, I never would have been able to step back and look at life in this way. As my guide, Lucy kept telling me what I needed to hear, until I came to know it was true for myself. I am grateful to have met her!”

– Karen, New York

Personal Session:

“I never imagined there would be this tremendous change on so many levels as if something just clicked in my mind. Ever since our first session I feel strangely calmer than I would have been at other instances. I have less negative thoughts or the voice is quieter and I just go with the flow. I didn’t do anything extraordinary. It feels quite liberating not having those thoughts plaguing my mind as much as before and being more able to deal with them. A few days ago I realised that for most of my time I had been living underneath a layer of something and felt as if I was totally disconnected and lived without even being aware of anything but my negative thoughts. I have realised I am treating people in a different way, I get less hurt and attached to their thinking which makes me not judge them at all either as I know where it’s coming from. I am letting all thoughts come and go. I find it amazing how with such a simple understanding everything that seemed so big to conquer, I am now able to put it aside and keep on with life.”

– Mayra, London

Personal Session:

“You gave me a coaching session, due to me being addicted to laxatives and taking large amounts every day. I just wanted to tell you some good news! I have been laxative free for four days today. I wanted to thank you for your help because it helped more than I can explain and I just wanted to say thank you.”

– Kathryn, UK

Personal Session:

“Lucy’s sharing has helped me immensely with everyday life. Upon first meeting her and discussing this understanding, something just clicked. It is an understanding that helps me on a daily basis. Just knowing that everything is OK takes a tremendous amount of stress out of life. I am extremely grateful to Lucy and her teachings.”

– Kim, Sydney

Personal Session:

“I was privileged to have a couple of sessions with Lucy and I can share that these experiences were way more potent than reading or looking at available material. The terrific part is that Lucy’s compassionate presence is highly adaptive to her clients. Some people are, in one session, ripe to harvest this insight already within so they can incrementally remember to believe they can be OK – even when they are not or circumstances are not quite right. Others will gently take the required time to nurture themselves amidst this remembrance journey; with the available soothing certainty they are on a freedom path from enslaving thoughts/ emotions.”

Renata, Canada

Personal Session:

“Meeting Lucy was one of the best things that has happened to me lately and something has really changed inside of me. No matter how bad I feel, in an instant I know that my innate wellbeing, my innate health is always whole. I know now it’s just a thought but I used to think it was a sign, a sign that something isn’t fine with me. My thoughts create my feelings so if I have worrying thoughts I can just let them go and move on. They don’t mean anything, they’re just random.”

Natalina, Switzerland