The Balance between Control and Surrender

We live in an age where information on the choice we have to live an authentic, peaceful and healthy life is abundant. Science backs up the idea that we can choose the thoughts we focus on, rewire our brains to create more beneficial neural pathways, change our biology with our willpower and refuse to be affected by the outside world to the detriment of our wellbeing.

We can take control of our lives and reap the rewards but this only happens when we surrender to the universal intelligence that creates and powers life and which ultimately we are relying on and channelling when we start to align our vision with health, peace and love.

The necessary balance between control and surrender that takes place when we uncover the power of the divine consciousness that resides within us is an escape from the ego and an embrace of the higher self.

We are not the only ones doing the work when we let go of limiting beliefs and open up to the possibility of limitless potential. We can only live in a way that tells our body we are well and whole and successful and attracts abundance and opportunity into our lives when we acknowledge and work with the energy of life that is what brings a new reality into existence.

When we ultimately trust in a greater intelligence and surrender to its wisdom, we are able to recognise the thoughts and actions that are best for us and see through the illusion that focusing on things that cause us pain and suffering is out of our control. We are able to believe in a new way of being before we see the results because we trust that a universal wisdom is available to guide and create for us.

The balance between control and surrender allows us to explore the potential we have for creating a life that is far more than we can imagine from the space of the small mind conditioned to believe in a limited corporeal reality. When we open up to the energy of creation, trust in its ability to work for us and align ourselves with its healthy, evolutionary and loving essence, we become powerful enough to look past our limiting beliefs, take control of our thoughts and focus and begin living a full, wholesome, rich life that cannot be created by us alone.