The Bliss of Being

Being is the easiest thing for us to do in any circumstance, even when we have thinking that it isn’t. This doesn’t mean that after years of conditioning we find it easy to just be but that if we can allow ourselves to fall into the bliss of being, that every situation and moment will be easier for us.

Being comes from knowing that everything is actually OK beyond the experience of our thinking in the moment. It is the understanding that there is nothing that the spiritual cannot handle and that the love and divinity within is always safe and whole. 

Being comes from knowing that when we fall out of the personal thinking of the ego, the universal wisdom of consciousness will guide us towards solutions, answers and insight. 

The bliss of being comes from understanding that the mind is self clearing. We don’t need to get involved or fix anything for our thoughts to move on and new thinking to arrive. Any of us that have had moments of tranquility, wellbeing, understanding or truth during meditation have touched the wisdom within by leaving our thoughts along and allowing our minds to move them on and generate new, more helpful ones.

No matter how we may feel, the experience of any situation that we find ourselves in is only as real as our thinking about it in the moment and that can change in a second. This is true no matter how justified we are in our feelings or how overwhelming they appear to be.

Anything that we are struggling with, any issue we are caught up in or any idea we have about what is wrong with us can change in an instant once we stop identifying with our thinking. Because in doing so we create a distance from those thoughts that allows us clarity and perspective.

Our perception of life changes moment to moment depending on our thinking. We see this to be true every day when we are hungry or tired. We have all had the experience of going to sleep feeling a certain way and waking up refreshed, hopeful and healthier.

Our reality is constantly in flux. What we consider to be real in one moment doesn’t exist in the next. We experience different thinking about it and that thinking creates a different perspective and changes our reality. 

When we stop believing we hold the answers to life’s challenges in the intellectual mind alone and become aware of the spiritual energy of love and wisdom that is living within us, allowing ourselves to be in tune with its guidance and peacefulness makes more sense than buying into our every thought and trying to figure things out from that state of mind. 

When we come to understand that thoughts are not real, that they are just imaginings, we become free to be.

We don’t need to consider, analyse, judge or take responsibility for the content of every thought because thoughts are random, transient constructions and their transitory nature holds true unless we start to obsess over them and grip on tight to the ones we decide we need to think about the most.

Unfortunately these are rarely the ones that connect us with our health and wisdom but if we can loosen our grip on them, if we can allow ourselves to be rather than do in our minds, we’ll find that our thoughts flow more easily than when we try to move them along by halting and analysing them.

When we let our thoughts flow, we flow too and the bliss of being takes over and we relax into who we really are.