The Freedom of Peace

Freedom, the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved, is the ability to feel peace at all times. Whilst we don’t feel peaceful always – we have histories and programming and egos to contend with – knowing that peace is within us rather than outside of us and is available to us always, liberates us from being imprisoned and enslaved by our thoughts and emotions because before we start to take them too seriously, we gain perspective and clarity and see things as they really are.

When we stop looking outside of us for peace, we stop fearing that situations and events will disturb us. We operate from a peaceful state of mind simply because we aren’t held hostage by stressful or anxious thinking and the desire to control, manage and avoid that results from it.

We become free when we feel at peace because peace stills us. We become composed in its silence, we rest in its tranquility and give in to its feeling of surrender.

Feeling peace at all times doesn’t need to become a goal when we simply remember that peace is available to us always. When we get caught up and stressed out, knowing that peace is there, ready and waiting can be enough to calm us and let us leave our uneasy thoughts and emotions alone so that we can fall back into the serenity of its freedom.

There is nothing wrong with having a wide range of thoughts and emotions, in fact, this is what gives us such a fully fledged experience of life but when they begin to restrict us, limit us or mislead us, feeling at peace is helpful. We have so much available to us to help us lead healthy, happy, fulfilling lives and we tend to doubt this or miss it entirely when we are imprisoned by thoughts and feelings that point us in the opposite direction.

According to many different theories and practices, we are self regulating. If we leave our thoughts and feelings alone for long enough, we’ll revert to wellbeing and our experience will become clearer and calmer. We just have to know that doing less in our minds rather than more will help us think more clearly and feel more healthy in the long run.

Taking a peaceful approach to our mental health and spiritual wellbeing is an approach free from disturbance. It is quiet and soothing and conflict free.

Freedom is the ability to feel peace at all times, no matter what we are involved with in the outside world. Knowing that there is a space within us, untroubled and undisturbed, frees us from the worry of acquiring peace and the concern that we need to do something to attain it. We feel peace because we are peace and we can access it any time we need. Allowing it rather than striving for it is the first step in experiencing it and knowing peace is there for us always is a freedom that saves us from the grief and distress that occur when we think peace is something we need to find.