The Freedom to Love

When we are in touch with the space of wellbeing and silence within us that exist before, beneath and beyond the ego and the personality we have come to identify with, the most wonderful realisation of love occurs and we understand that true freedom is the freedom to love.

Love is who we are. It is the energy we are created from and powered by. It is the consciousness of the universe. The freedom to love means the freedom to be who we really are, the freedom to exist beyond constraints and limits and the labels and identities that have been assigned to us.

The freedom to love means that regardless of what we have been through or what we have done, we are able to connect with the divinity inside of us and all around us and engage with an intelligent energy that heals and guides and takes care.

The freedom to love is an evolution of awareness, the truth that leads us to see all as one. Everything that takes us away from this exists in the world of form and separation; the freedom to love is a spiritual realisation that we reach in our moments of pure consciousness.

The freedom to love excels us. It is peace, it is bliss, it is wholeness, it is worthiness, it is forgiveness, it is compassion, it is understanding, it is light. In the moments that we touch love, we touch God and the freedom to express our divinity is known to us as the freedom to love.