The Importance of Having Fun

Fun. It’s wonderful. Nobody is immune to its pleasures. As children, having fun comes naturally to us. We are inclined to indulge in something that is purely for amusement. In moments of fun, we are present and light hearted. We enjoy the experience without any expectation of where it’s taking us or desire to rush to its end.

As adults, we tend to take life a lot more seriously. We play less and indulge in fun at certain times or in certain circumstances. We don’t necessarily have fun every day because we have forgotten how essential simple pleasure and enjoyment are to our wellbeing.

There is always a time for fun unless our thoughts about life tell us otherwise. Society has a set of rules about when and where fun can be had and when fun is inappropriate. People get very attached to their ideas about the importance of seriousness and civility.

But fun is good for us. It boosts the immune system, clears our minds, we learn better when we are having fun because we are more engaged and we get a better perspective on life because we aren’t focused on just one train of thought. People having fun together bond well. Our judgements and opinions are set aside as we joke and laugh with one another.

In life, it is kind to be respectful of other people’s wishes and boundaries, particularly if we want to have a relationship with them. If someone we love wants to uphold traditions of composure or seriousness in certain settings, it makes sense that we respect this. However, if somebody is encouraging no fun or trying to enforce restrictions on fun or play in our lives, it might be worthwhile for us to investigate how healthy this is and consider our options for living more lightly.

If we get to choose the feeling we live in and make the most of our time on Earth, having fun really does seem like a great way of doing it. Rather than living for the next moment or the destination of our current journey, fun is a present moment experience that allows us to enjoy our time as we are living it, rather than rush through it or wish it away.

Header image: Azalea Garden, Patrick Heron