The Importance of Self Care

Nowadays we understand that a healthy life within and without can only be achieved by choice. We must make effort, take responsibility and educate ourselves if we are to be well and feel well. Acts of self care are necessary to total wellbeing.

Self care may sound like something new age, extravagant, indulgent or even simply irrelevant but acts of self care are those that sustain and improve our health in every area.

Self care practices positively impact us emotionally, mentally and physically. Mind, body and spirit work in harmony with each other and we must keep them balanced by taking care of every aspect of our health.

We all practice self care to a certain degree every day, already. We shower, brush our teeth, eat food, sleep. These basic acts keep us alive, clean, functioning. Taking a step further along the self care path, we identify our emotional, physical and mental needs and meet them, keeping ourselves balanced and well.

There are those of us who feel that self care is in some way immodest but we have all heard the phrase, “You cannot pour from an empty cup.” In order to be of best use to others, we must operate from health. The best way to make sure we are feeling well and acting well is to take care of ourselves.

There are many forms that self care can take: exercise, meditation, time alone, therapy, bodywork, proper nutrition, getting enough sleep, choosing loving thoughts. Anything that we do that enhances our experience of wellbeing and is a positive input in our lives qualifies.

Self care is not selfish, it is essential. We are able to offer more when we are feeling full. Meeting our own needs personally or by seeking out professionals means that we are responsible for our health and not looking to others to take care of us in ways that are not up to them.

Self care is the best way for us to practice love because when we show ourselves kindness and generosity, we naturally feel inclined to do the same with others. As we come to realise that self love is universal love, perhaps we can also start to see that self care is necessary for a healthy, balanced world.