The Importance of Switching Off

It is vital to our wellbeing that we allow ourselves to switch off at some point every day, to relax and recuperate, yet so many of us not only fail to do so, we fail to try.

We live in a fast paced world where productivity seems to equal success and rarely are we revered or praised for taking time off. Perversely we are actually more efficient with our time and more creative and productive when we do take time off each day to rest our minds, daydream, use our imagination and allow ourselves to reconnect with peace and flow, letting go of all focus on work or current challenges, in order to let ourselves decompress and settle into a more restful state.

We are solution driven creatures who find answers outside of a narrow point of view, however, we have almost come to fear taking our eye off the ball in case we come back to find it has deserted us. We are far more resourceful and intelligent than we give ourselves credit for and actually when we take our minds off of what we are most focused on, we access a source of creative wellbeing within us that leads us to do better when we are at work and experiencing challenging circumstances and rest better when we switch off from them.

It is crucial to our social development that we maintain the ability to be present with others, spend time on our relationships with people, with nature and life around us. Not only must we respect our need to switch off but foster ways to do it so that we are able to live fully and healthily.

Having clear working hours, choosing to change our focus when we feel fatigued, not putting down one device only to pick up another, are all helpful ways of switching off when we need to and allowing space for our minds to wander, our thoughts to flow and a sense of clarity and health to take over.

It can be so tempting to just keep going with that project or article or editing late into the night even though we know we are tired and restless and there are even times when doing so to push through to the end of a project can be extremely satisfying and fulfilling. But living this way full time is not helpful for us. It drains our energy, leaves no time for our minds to be replenished and restored and sees us achieving less than if we took time to switch off and came back to the work and challenges we are facing with fresh energy, perspective and thinking.

We can see so well when others are running themselves into the ground, barely coping or overworking and yet we seem to miss the same signs in ourselves. We need to take time to switch off. It is vital for our wellbeing, mentally, physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. This does not mean we don’t work hard or sometimes do extra or enjoy challenges and pushing our limits, it means we respect that we are at our healthiest when we live holistic lives, in balance, in presence and with health our priority. When we do, not only do we succeed in more ways than we knew we could, we find new resources of creativity, passion, drive and focus within us that we access and awaken precisely when we are taking a break from the work and situations that most require them.