The Peace of the Personal Path

We are one and yet we are separate. We are individual manifestations of a universal energy. We are numerous expressions of the universe. We exist in separate realities created via our separate thoughts and our separate feelings and our separate beliefs about the world we inhabit.

And yet so much material around self improvement and self realisation asks us to do as the programme does, to learn as the teacher did, to take the actions that were right for one. When we feel uncomfortable with these teachings and tasks, it is not just because we are breaking through limited thinking as the leader sometimes tells us but because we are trying to do so in a way that isn’t right for us personally.

We are all a part of the divine energy that powers and creates life and we are also personal, unique physical beings dealing with the challenges and blessings in our lives in ways that make sense to us. When we open up to the truth of who we are, that we are light and wisdom and love, we do so authentically by living in a way that resonates personally with our newfound understandings.

This is why following specific teachings that dictate ways of being and acting and doing don’t work out in the long term. They are inauthentic. They may challenge us to explore the limits of the ego and they may be founded on wellbeing but we can only explore our freedom if we are free to do it in the way that speaks to us individually.

Many well meaning teachers and paradigms conflate ego with intuition, claiming that any doubts or feelings of discomfort experienced whilst following their programmes are just unhelpful fears and limited beliefs. Actually these can be the result of wisdom making itself known and the mind trying to reconcile it with the philosophies or opinions of their study or guru.

The peaceful path is the one that is guided by insight into the wisdom within and the energy of love that we are a part of whilst allowing for a personal exploration of how that unfolds. When we allow ourselves to be guided by a greater intelligence it doesn’t manifest in the same road for each of us and this is something that we must acknowledge and accept and allow, as teachers and students of life.

Peace exists within us at all times but when we are told by others how this should feel and look and be experienced and, furthermore, which actions and behaviours this should inspire, we lose sight of our truth and lose touch with our freedom and fall out of love.

The peace of the personal path comes from being respectful of our differences, being loving towards our unique understandings and being free to allow guidance to lead us forwards in a way that works best for us. Seeking inspiration and knowledge and counsel from others can be extremely beneficial when we remember that their experiences are unique for them and allow their words to spark something within that is unique for us.

Header image: Mark Rothko