The Spiritual Is Where Wellbeing Resides

We are so focused on the physical, that we often forget the spiritual which is where wellbeing, wisdom and peace reside.

We work hard to scrape away layers of identity and conditioning to get back to the pure and living energy of intelligent love within.

Peace, calm, quiet certainty, all come from the wisdom within us.

When we feel well, we are feeling the health and wellbeing that we were born with.

We crave this return home.

We feel lost, frightened and adrift when we forget or doubt the love and light inside us.

We work so hard in the world of form to build our way back to the silence and health within when all we really need to do is let everything else fall away.

Beneath our thoughts is the everlasting truth of who we are.

Inside our selves is the light of wisdom.

Beyond the ego is the intelligence of divine love.

Everything we strive for from a beginning other than this leaves us feeling unfulfilled, flat, discontent.

It is before form that truth resides.

It is in form that we realise it.

It is beyond form that eternity exists.

We can embrace our situation.

We can live from the spiritual in the physical.

We can enjoy the ride as we move between both.

We are God in motion.

We are love in action.

We are miracles of being.