The Wisdom Within

Many different healing modalities, spiritual teachings and even religions talk about the wisdom of the universe. They go on to explain that this wisdom is something that we can access when we need to; it can guide us to clarity, insight and even physical healing.

What worries us is how we might get in touch with this wisdom. Should we create vision boards, recite mantras, write our wishes down at full moon? When these things don’t work we wonder if we have been doing them wrong or if we aren’t spiritual and won’t be able to access the metaphysical. The truth is that we will find our way as soon as we recognise that this wisdom is not something outside of us that we need to somehow get hold of but something within that we are made of.

We are not separate from the wisdom of the universe, we are it. When we speak of letting this wisdom guide us and heal us and drive us, we are speaking of an essential part of ourselves taking over from the unhelpful and innocent mode of being that we have been using to live our lives based on the lessons we have been taught by the world around us.

Beneath and beyond this is a wisdom that creates and breathes life into a phenomenal universe of which we are a part as a combination of intelligent cells. This wisdom is called God, the Divine, Source, Love, Light. It is what every guru and spiritual leader and energy worker points to. It is the energy that creates us and lives us. It is the reason we are alive and the miracle that keeps us going.

We are often told that peace, wellbeing, truth are accessed in moment of stillness and silence. This is because it is when we drop out of the identities we have created for ourselves that we find the space and freedom to listen to something beyond the voice of the ego.

It is in these moments of freedom that we recognise the wisdom within us. From here we are confident that we will find ways to connect with the divinity within more frequently and when we try modes that don’t work for us, we learn from them and move on; not every seed requires the same growing conditions. We are confident. We know our truth. We know that we are not alone, that underneath everything is our necessary connection to the energy and essence of the world around us.

Once we understand that wisdom is within it is able to guide us. When we look for the magic inside of ourselves, we find it. Once we trust that we have the same essential nature as every person we look up to, we are able to open up to the wisdom within and allow it to lead us on a path of growth, health and connection.

Header image: Seascape, L. S. Lowry