There Is Room for Us All

It can seem at times that there are only a finite amount of opportunities in the world to do the work we feel called to do and that those opportunities have all been or are nearly taken. We measure ourselves against those in our field who have found high success and wonder what is not working for us and whether we should give up on our dreams because all roles have already been filled.

But this isn’t truth, just insecurity disguised as sense or practicality and when we feel like this we can choose to remember that there are 7.6 billion people in the world, many of whom are working in alignment with their truth and getting up every day to attend to and offer their gifts to those who need them, getting their work done because they aren’t making comparisons, dwelling in doubt and worrying that there isn’t room for them to do what they feel guided to do.

We all have the capacity to make a positive impact on the world and we all have a place here. There will always be someone who we can help or work with. Just because there are people already doing the work we want to do doesn’t mean there is no space for us to do it too but that we need to get in touch with who we really are and what we are really offering so that the people who are looking for something different to what is already available can find us and clearly see what we are all about.

We get so easily deterred by other people’s success or triumphs or opportunities when the same don’t seem to be available to us and we sell ourselves all kinds of stories about why this is so and where we are disadvantaged or unrecognised or unfortunate but the fact is that overnight successes are rare and the people succeeding are often those who cast aside their doubts, moved beyond their insecurities and refused to measure themselves against others, choosing instead to learn from them, be inspired by them, reach out to them or ignore them completely as they built their own careers.

And we can do the same, too. If we have found our calling or the area we want to work in or the way we want to make a difference in the world then it is so much more useful to put our energy into building on that, discovering ways to create a space for ourselves and connecting with the people who might benefit from what we are offering than to spend it worrying about what others are doing and how they are doing it and whether that means we can’t or shouldn’t try.

As everyone who has ever found any success knows, we try and we try and then we try again and sometimes things work out and other times they don’t and the innovators and field leaders and mentors are the ones who keep at it until something sticks or a shift takes place and suddenly the clients come flooding in or the product sells or the market changes in their favour.

We have to realise that not only do we have limitless potential for success, we also have myriad opportunities for creating it and we do not have to worry that our time is up or that the position is no longer vacant because as we hear over and again, there is no one quite like us in the world, able to offer what we offer. So whilst this person may have this large audience and that person, that vast market, we can too can find the people out there looking for what we have to offer them and we can do it by going within and examining what is important to us, what matters most in our own worlds and using our values to guide us in our work and the way that we share it and connect with others.

There is no time like the present to get started on the work we were born to do and whilst this naturally progresses and changes as we evolve, beginning from an understanding that there are people who want what we can offer them and will respond to what we create halves the battle of getting started. We all have insecurities, we all face fear and in this age of social media many of us have faced aggressive criticism and even abuse. But what have any of those got to do with us getting on with taking our place in the world and sharing with it what only we have to share? Nothing, if we can focus on the fact that we are talented, able, raring to go and that there is room for us all.

No one looks back on their life and says, I wish I had tried less, listened to the bullies and been put off by other people’s success in my field. So let’s build lives and careers we will look back on with awe, amazed by our brilliance, grateful for those who recognised it and satisfied that we were able to take action despite our doubts about whether there was room for us and make our mark on the world in a way that only we can.