Thinking about Money

Whoever we are, whatever we do, however we have been raised and no matter what our current financial status, we have a whole host of thinking about money. Whether we don’t have it and covet it, do have it and want more, shun it, embrace it, identify with it or lack of, we are creating our experience of it with the thoughts we think about it, regardless of our cries that the way we feel about money is generated by outside influences that are beyond our control.

There are people who had the same childhood circumstances as others who thrive financially whilst they struggle, people whose family had more than enough when they were children who as adults are in crippling debt, people who believe that money is bad, the antithesis of a spiritual way and those who are gurus of spirituality making millions.

Money is a necessity in a society driven and guided by transaction. Unless we build our own house from free materials, live off grid and are 100% self sustaining, we need money to engage in society, pay for our homes, our travel, our food, our clothes and the majority of our physical experiences. Because of this, many view money as a necessary evil; something we have been forced to adopt and strive for in order to make ends meet and take part in a world that operates within a paradigm constructed by those of privilege that we view as faulty and unhealthy and essentially corrupt.

But money does not have to be seen this way just because the framework is unjust. If we do not measure ourselves against the money we make, if we do not equate success with income, if we refuse the 9-5 office work and find ways to earn that excite our passion, liberate our creativity, free us from financial hardship and are driven by our authentic path, why would getting paid or the price we charge or the money we spend mean anything other than the freedom to explore our opportunities in the material world and why would the thought of money generate any particular feelings within us?

There are millionaires who are depressed, abused by their spouses, drowning in insecurity, unable to get over their childhoods and those with just enough who wake up in gratitude, enjoy their days, are kind and loving to others and in flow with life. And in neither circumstance is money the cause.

Having money does give us opportunity; we can support others, invest in ethically made products, buy organic food, travel the world but it does not make us whole or give us a feeling of home or make us better people. Yes, the system is rigged to support certain sectors of society but we can unrig it, we can investigate ways of upending it and we can contribute to the world on our own terms and make up a new experience about money by changing the way we view it in relation to ourselves.

Everyone has thinking about money and those with the strongest opinions quite often feel the need to force them upon others who do not see or experience money in the way that they do. What if money is neutral? An object devoid of the power to make us think or feel anything, that we have a choice over how we experience as a means of taking part in the world.

We get to decide what money means for us. We can choose to explore why we spend in the way we do, we can examine our material desires and the methods we use to fulfil them and we can work to live from the whole and loving energy within us that guides us to view the world from a perspective of opportunity, clarity, development and growth, investigating our programming, rising above the judgements of others, making and spending money in the way that makes sense to our wellbeing and embracing success and achievement on our own terms.

Money may be used to harm, control, repress and extort but so are many other things we do not get so emotional about. As more people begin to view finance in new ways and explore innovative means of engaging in transaction, we disrupt the system we so deplore and write a new narrative about our experience of money. Time, presence, attention, kindness, respect, love are all of a higher value that anything monetary and focusing on these in our pursuit of a worthwhile time on Earth will see us have the most beneficial impact that will guide the way we earn and spend and help others on their quest for health and freedom.

We are all doing the best we can in the moment with the understanding that we have and luckily we are able to change and evolve our understanding as we go. Whatever we use in bartering and transaction, there will be those who exploit the system to benefit themselves and those who struggle with concepts of value and worth. If we have strong feelings about money, rather than the way it has been and is used by those in power and the way we relate to it personally and why this is the case, we might want to reconfigure our outlook.

If we can start seeing money as neutral, start viewing ourselves through a lens of wholeness and success based on the way we live our lives and treat others, fundamentally understand that we have the ability to connect with the wellbeing within any time we choose to regardless of our circumstances and take part in the world without identification with a financial persona, we might have a new experience of money, think more freely about it, enjoy it, share it, find ways to grow it, distribute it and use it as a means for good and improvement and leave others to their judgements about the way we relate to it without feeling the need to defend or justify our experience.