This Awesome Life

It is no accident that we live on a planet that we find so beautiful. That we experience profound awe when we see sunsets and vast landscapes as well as everyday sights such as flowers and snow. That from a young age we seek out the experience of music or that we are moved by art.

The world we inhabit is designed to remind us of who we really are. We are designed to be touched by it. We are designed to be awestruck by life.

Science tells us that when we experience awe, we lose our sense of self. When we experience the sublime, the magnificent and beautiful, it lifts us to a state of spiritual purity that connects us to a universal energy and we touch truth.

In the moment of awe we come home.

When we experience awe, we connect with a shared sense of humanity. Studies show that after experiencing awe we are less stressed, more creative, kinder, more generous, more helpful to others and happier. The immune system is boosted by experiencing awe and our sense of resilience strengthened.

The feelings of wonder, amazement and reverence that we experience when we are in awe all serve to connect us to a higher mind. We become one with the consciousness of all existence and we lose ourselves in the moment.

The ego cannot compete with the magnitude of the soul.

When we are in health, we seek out these moments by immersing ourselves in nature, music, art. When we are feeling lost or scared we find it difficult to connect with life outside of our minds. However, we are all designed to be well, to live well and to experience awe. We are all designed to fall out of our selves and into the energy of love that connects us with our wellbeing.

We are never forgotten, we are always connected and we are surrounded by opportunities to remember. When we do, we find the ordinary astonishing and the every day breathtaking and in these moments we are reminded of how awesome this life is.