Throat Chakra Meditation

This guided meditation can be used throughout the day to remind you of your truth, your innate confidence and your right and ability to express yourself with clarity, insight and understanding.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Find a quiet place where you can block out the light.

Lie down. Close your eyes.


See yourself in a tunnel of bright white light and walk through it.

This tunnel is a safe and wonderful place where you are able to vibrate at the frequency of truth, love, light and health.

Here you are deeply connected with who you really are.

Here you with your innate confidence, resilience and insight into life.

As you walk through the tunnel, notice that you feel lighter, brighter, clearer mentally, emotionally and physically.

Every part of you feels harmonious, joyful, coherent.

There is a warm and comforting glow in the centre of your throat.

It is emanating an energy beyond you into the space around you.

This energy is a beautiful blue colour.

This is the energy of clarity, worth, insight, expression, love, truth, understanding and conscious awareness.

As the glow of this energy gets brighter, your throat begins to vibrate.

You feel it clearing as old blocks and beliefs and judgements leave you.

You are creating space to allow truth to flow.

You are allowing the energy of life to express itself through you and guide you in expressing your highest truth.

You are free to explore ideas about who you really are.

You are free to share these with the world.

You are free to express your needs, your wishes, your insights.

You are free to trust in your ability to clearly communicate what you are guided to.

You have come to the end of the tunnel and are now in an open space filled with flowers, trees, birdsong and glorious sunshine.

Sit down on the grass and close your eyes.

Take a moment to hear the birds as they communicate their wisdom, insight and intelligence into the world around them.

You too have a truth to communicate.

You too have a song to sing.

You too are connected with the wisdom of Universal intelligence.

Allow the thoughts that tell you otherwise to drift away.

Feel the sun on your body, restoring your natural vitality with its loving rays.

Hear the singing of the birds, raising your vibration to a frequency of pure love.

Notice the feeling of health spreading through you.

You are able to think clearly.

You are able to speak clearly.

You can be confident as you do.

You can express yourself with integrity and authenticity and awareness.

You can be conscious of the words you speak to yourself and others.

You can be guided by your wisdom to express what is in your heart.

You can trust yourself to be clear and kind and loving.

Lie down and feel yourself relax deeply into the soft grass beneath you.

Allow the gratitude and appreciation that you have for life to spread through you.

Let your innate feelings of wellbeing lift you to a new understanding of how to communicate your truth.

Know that the connection, truth and happiness you feel is the experience of your true state of being.

Surrender to it and allow it to guide you in how you share your insights and understandings with the world.

Trust that you are able to communicate from this space of clarity and connection and love.