Today I Will Notice Thoughts without Judgement

Today I will notice thoughts without judgement.

I won’t see them as good or bad or right or wrong.

I will ask myself, where are they coming from?

I will question whose voice is speaking them.

I will be aware of them without engaging.

I will be curious about my automatic reaction.

I will forgive myself for the regretful acts they remind me of.

I will be loving in the face of their unnerving predictions.

I will have compassion for any past suffering.

I will have compassion for any current unease.

I will recognise that these thoughts are not who I am.

I will understand that I am the one witnessing them.

I will see that I do not need to respond to them.

I will feel them loosen their grip and drift away.

I will know that when they do I am left as my true self.

I will relax in this experience of self trust and self love.