Trusting in Our Own Path

It’s tempting to look around and see where others are and wish we were enjoying the same opportunities as them or the same material success or the same career progress but that is not our path.

Trusting in our own path comes from knowing who we are, loving who we are and following the inner guidance from who we are that leads us in authenticity, in faith and in openness.

If we are too busy looking around at other people, we cannot see what lies ahead for us. We will not see the signs meant for us or the opportunities, the detours that will enhance our adventure and explore our truth.

If we are wishing to be living someone else’s life we aren’t loving who we are and the life we are capable of building for ourselves. All we’ve been through, learned from, experienced and survived is of no small consequence because it has increased our awareness, connected us more deeply and expanded us beyond a self that is limited to living and being a certain way.

What our inner guidance tells us is the right path won’t follow what other people are doing and when we trust in it, it doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s a wonderful thing to see other people progress in the way that’s right for them as we progress in the way that’s right for us.

If we are certain of who we are, what we have to offer the world and our worth, we don’t look to see what others have or do as a means of feeling defeat or self doubt. We are sure of the wonder and brilliance of our talents and the immensity of our gifts and the wisdom of our inner guidance and we follow others for inspiration, to see what is possible in the world and to celebrate in their successes.

Media is geared to inspire envy, insecurity and comparison but if we remain conscious of this, we can use the platforms that allow connection whilst maintaining trust in our own path.

When we are comfortable with ourselves and the way we choose to live life, define success on our own terms, follow our inner guidance and love who we are, we feel safe and certain in our actions and our progress, we smile as we see others experiencing acknowledgment or advancement and we keep our eyes on the road ahead because we know where it’s leading is right for us and we have no desire to go anywhere that isn’t.

Header image: Pathway in Monet’s Garden at Giverny, Claude Monet