Tuning In

There is something wonderful that happens when we begin to tune in to who we really are and it is that we begin to tune out off all that we are not. We begin to live in alignment with the truth that we are source energy, manifestations of Universal consciousness, creations of Divine intelligence, at one with all of life and able to tap into its creative power and total wisdom in order to live from intuition and innate knowledge without second guessing ourselves, justifying our choices and feeling we need to defend how we choose to live.

There is a lot of stimulus in the world and just like tuning into a radio station, we can’t listen to everything at once. So what do we listen to? Usually the thinking that creates the greatest feeling but when we do this we miss that our feelings are a guide to our state of mind in the moment and how helpful it is and we turn further away from our innate wisdom, tuning out of wellbeing and into the suffering caused by identification with the ego, its perspective and beliefs.

Meditation,  journalling and walking in nature are means by which we tune into our truth when we allow thoughts to flow and get curious about what exists beneath them. Who are we really and what would we be doing differently if we weren’t paying so much attention to the thinking we generate and invest in? When we begin to look beyond the self that identifies with the thinking and feelings that have become most familiar and stop ascribing meaning to them outside of their being a helpful guide as to the direction we are facing – towards health or away from it, towards love or away from it – we give ourselves the space and room to tune into another frequency, a vibration of wisdom and wellbeing, the energy of love.

Allowing ourselves to become distanced from stimulus and the chatter of the personal mind give us the space to receive guidance from the Universal energy that is Divine intelligence and experience realisation and insight. We know our next step or access solutions or understand a new way is available to us. Sometimes there is no clear message or direction and instead we just enjoy the peace and stillness that occur when we rest in the silence of oneness, tuned into the frequency of who we really are.