Waking up to Our Creative Potential

All day long we create our lives. We create who we think we are based on our pasts and how we expect our day to go based on our experiences. We create the way we look based on what we think is possible for us and the way we speak based on how we view ourselves in the world and the way we think based on the thoughts we have followed previously and the way we feel based on our thoughts and for the most part, we do it unconsciously.

So, what would happen if we woke up to our creative potential and started to create our days with intent and purpose and presence? If we were willing to give up who we are and the justifications for our personality in order to become who we want to be? If we were willing to cast off expectations based on the past and invite and expect new experiences in the same environments where we already spend our time? If we were willing to refuse to follow the same old thought patterns and processes and make room for new perspective, insight and emotions?

When we begin to wake up to the power we hold over our lives, it can feel daunting or overwhelming or even frightening. Not only do we need to be ready to give up who we have always been in, we have to be ready to embrace the unlimited and divine creative force within us that is ready to guide us to glory when we get out of the way.

Every one of us has had an experience of thinking something into being and we seem to be much more comfortable with those things being negative, mundane or an affirmation of how bad life can be. But what if we give that up and begin creating what we really want? What we really deserve? What we really wish to see in the world to make it a happier and healthier place for all? What if we get comfortable with being uncomfortable until we have moved past old paradigms into a freer, lighter, more conscious way of being?

When we hear about other people going after what they want in life and succeeding, it resonates with us because on some level it is received as truth. It reminds us of what is possible and sparks a light within us that we have allowed to dim. We are energised by truth and enlivened by it. When we use it to guide us, our path becomes clear and we find it natural and enjoyable to uncover who we really are and begin to put plans in motion that move us towards realising our dreams.

In every single moment, we are moving our minds and bodies towards lives we are building based on a reality we are creating with our thoughts and feelings, most often based on our pasts and limited thinking about who we are, what we deserve and what we can achieve. Doesn’t it make sense to upgrade the programme and transcend what keeps us stuck, level or stagnant? If we have the option to choose who we are and what we do and how we do it and even how that makes us feel, wouldn’t we naturally choose to be the best we could be, doing the best we could be, feeling the best we could be and knowing that even that was not the limit of how amazing life could be?

Children have no limits. They want to be astronauts and prize winners and rich and beautiful because they are still in touch with the truth that they are abundance and beauty and success. As we get older and we begin to learn what is achievable for us and what isn’t, we gradually cover up our truth and the more distant from it we become, the more lost and depressed and broken we feel.

What a relief it is then when we remember who we really are, when we see others remembering who they really are and we begin to act on this truth to uncover our limitless potential to create and grow and thrive? Everything we want is possible in a world of possibility and when we wake up to our creative potential, this is where we reside.