We Are All Human

We are all human. And it is a mind bending experience. And we suffer and we rejoice and we grieve and we accept but so often we view our experience as singular and we don’t see how other people are also struggling, grasping, ranging between wild emotions. So often we believe that we have got it right and others have got it wrong. We try to make sense of their worlds based on our understanding of our own. We forget our own madness and zone in on theirs. We fall back on diagnosing and prescribing. We learn something new about ourselves and use it to view others as ‘other’ ‘wrong’ ‘insane’ ‘illogical’. But we are all doing our best with the confusion and noise in our minds.

We aren’t sure what to eat and create diet plans and meal plans and see nutritionists and health coaches. We aren’t sure how to live and create routines and life goals and rules and structures that make us feel trapped and that we struggle with so that we fail and feel alone. We create technology we depend on but label addictive and dangerous. We fear time and revere it and waste it and chase it and mourn it. We crave freedom that we fight for but don’t trust ourselves to be free. We hate ourselves and love ourselves in a cycle of rejoicing and despairing. We change our features and our bodies because we’ve been told that we are ugly and feel confused when afterwards we still feel wrong inside. We try to walk the road of self belief by beginning on someone else’s path. We are humble and self righteous and reasonable and unbalanced. We form opinions that we bind us and try to bind others by them too.

We take time out because we cannot cope with the psychic noise around us whilst craving connection and love and community and interaction. We fear misunderstanding but reject the experience of others. We judge ourselves and others whilst craving acceptance. We recreate memories that upset us, distorting them in the process and cause ourselves to suffer more grief and stress and pain. We blame and lash out and defend and accuse but wish to be forgiven for our own transgressions. We want forgiveness for our past but hold the mistakes of others against them. We feel guilt and shame about our bad behaviour whilst feeling annoyance and injustice because we were forced to act badly in the first place. We forgive and forget only to resurrect and relive. We encourage others to live by standards and expectations that destroy us and oppress us. We feel deserving and unworthy and entitled and not enough. We feel a range of emotions and get caught up in them, let them go, get caught up in them, let them go. We repeat patterns that have been passed down to us that we see are flawed. We are lost, we are found, we have sympathy, we have rage. We create chains of oppression in our minds that cause us to suffer but tie others up in them so that they suffer too. We investigate our humanity whilst exulting in our spiritual creation. We are so very glad to be alive and so very sad to be alive. We love, we hate, we console, we attack. We lose our minds and regain our sanity in the space beyond the intellect.

We are all a part of this human race struggling to understand who we are, why we are here, what we can expect and how we can accept it. We want love and tolerance and peace. We want calm and connection and compassion. We want joy and delight and happiness. We want love and community and family. We want fairness and justice and equality. We want faith and trust and belief. We want expression and understanding and acceptance. We want forgiveness and redemption and relief.

We are so different and yet the same. We are all living and learning and loving and hurting. We are all trying in the ways we know how to exist and survive and thrive and enjoy and continue and get on and find peace and be brave and succeed and be accepted and learn and grow and be strong and be safe and be certain and understood and it is impossible and beautiful and messy and funny and we are all doing it in our own ways with our issues and our strengths and our scars and our light and if we can just remember sometimes that we are all human maybe our differences will be understandable or at least allowable and they won’t keep us from connecting and they won’t force us into judging and we will be kind and gentle and loving with each other and with ourselves, too. And we won’t think that we are right and we won’t think that we know best.

Because we are all human. And it is a mind bending experience.