We Are Nature

In our most peaceful moments, we appreciate the wonder of nature. We are awestruck by its majesty, this magnificent manifestation of the energy of the universe. When we are at peace we are able to connect with the divinity of the natural world in this way.

But do we know that we are also nature? That we too are a part of the beauty and wisdom and perfection that we see?

Until we recognise our perfection, we find ourselves wanting. We question our worth, our abilities, our place in the world. It goes against our nature to do this and we feel it. Anxiety, depression, despair, jealousy, greed are warning signs that we have forgotten our truth. That we are looking in the wrong direction for solace.

Just like nature, we are guided by spiritual wisdom. We are healthy and whole within. We are always home. When we forget this, we feel lost. 

Any time we look in a direction other than our spiritual wellbeing for satisfaction or reward or assurance, we turn away from peace. When we seek outside of ourselves what we already are, we fall short and we feel it. 

Spiritually, we have everything we need to deal with life. When we forget this, we feel lost. When we forget that we are equipped for life, we feel far from home. Feeling far from home, feeling that we want to go home, are indications that we are looking in the wrong direction for wellbeing; that we are facing outwards rather than in. We have believed our wellbeing to be conditional. We look outside of ourselves for the causes and solutions for our unhappiness. 

Our wellbeing is without conditions. It is without restrictions and limitations. We are whole and well within. We are all the wisdom we will ever need. We are endlessly resilient. We have the ability to navigate and recover from life’s events. We are the universe in motion. We have access to the guidance and divine intelligence that creates and powers everything.

We are nature. We are the energy of a sunrise, the strength of the wind, the beauty of the blossom in spring. When we connect with nature, we touch the divine within us. We remind ourselves through nature that we are a part of the whole. That we are safe. That we are home. That we too are magnificent.