We Do Not Have to Suffer to Grow

Whilst it may be true that many of us come to an understanding of our truth, our wholeness and our worth only after a period of suffering that has lead to self inquiry, expansion and insight, we do not have to suffer to grow.

Challenges offer us an opportunity to evolve and explore and develop but suffering is not a prerequisite for growth.

In fact, suffering is not actually even a necessary result of challenges, pain or hardship. We are designed to flow with life, processing and dealing with events in grace, rather than causing our own suffering by struggling against them.

For those of us suffering now, it is inspiring to see others who have come through hard times with a brighter view of life and a deeper understanding of their own strength, resilience and love.

It is wonderful that so many of us have persevered through periods of darkness to emerge in the light, happier, more grounded and more joyful about life.

But suffering is not compulsory for finding a new way.

We are designed to live successful lives, created by a loving consciousness that guides us with wisdom and keeps us well with intelligent design. The realisation that we are whole and perfect spirit in form, operating in a physical world by creating our experience from the thoughts we focus on and the feelings we give life to, can happen at any time to any person, regardless of how we are feeling in the moment.

New thinking can come along at any time, bringing clarity and a deeper understanding with it, not just when we start searching for new ways to live because the current model is failing us.

Insight occurs when we open up to something greater than ourselves and drop out of ego and into wisdom. Fortunately for us, there are really no conditions set for when this can happen, which means we do not have to suffer to grow.