We Have to Trust to Manifest

Hi friends, it’s Lucy here, creator of The Love Place. I write a lot about trust, faith and manifestation, yet it has only occurred to me recently that despite understanding and knowing on an intellectual level that in order to create a life in flow, that honours my truth and utilises my passions and brings to life my desires, I have to fully trust in the power of the unseen and the unknown, as well as my own worthiness and ability to receive, to bring it all about.

I see that until very recently I have felt wary of fully trusting in the possibility of bringing into being all that I want to see in my world.

And I didn’t realise because I’ve been happy. I have ridden the waves of challenge with an upbeat attitude and a smile on my face, I have embraced good fortune with gratitude and learned at every opportunity to become more deeply the person I want to be, the person I know I am and this has disguised from me the fact that I have been hanging on to control. That whilst I can go with the flow and not dwell when things don’t go as hoped, avoid negativity and refuse to focus on lack, keep doing the work and applying my learnings, none of this is the same as wholeheartedly living in a state of trust and co creation, knowing on a fundamental level that I can at any moment create a life I love in every area of the material world.

Because manifestation and living from a higher consciousness are not about control, they are about intention and surrender. And when we live from intention and surrender to the universe from an authentic trust in its power, we free up so much time and energy that we have spent trying to control, trying to manage and missing the fact that focusing on what is beyond our control rather than working on what is and giving the rest up to the universe in a state of trust and faith frees us from stress and worry. And that time and energy that becomes available can instead be used to encourage abundance, keep us in alignment and explore new ways to live and create.

In order to co create with the universal energy that we are a part of and bring into being what it is we know exists as possibility in the quantum field, we have to trust on a fundamental level in the creative capacity of the universe and our own ability to bring into being what we want, that bypasses our focus on the reality we think we see around us that determines what is realistically achievable for us to create.

Things won’t necessarily arrive as we expect them to or look how we thought they would when they do, so letting go of our attachment to an outcome whilst still trusting that things will work out and continuing to work towards our goals helps us to relax into the moment and become present which leads to gratitude for what we do have and what’s already on offer whilst moving past the options that aren’t quite as amazing as we want them to be and remaining excited for what is coming. All with peace of mind about how and when things will unfold.

When we relax, we are naturally more positive, naturally more optimistic, more prone to being creative and explorative and more excited to investigate opportunities, options and choices. Nothing has to be forced when we feel this way and we find ourselves more upbeat and focused more of the time, which makes life feel easier and more effortless.

Every time I think I’ve got it, that I understand, that I see, that the veil is lifted, a moment of revelation occurs and I understand that I am so far from there and it is so wonderful that I can continually explore my position and investigate my perspective and experience clarity on my beliefs and actions and gain insight into where and how I need to grow.

So, I am giving in to letting go and every day falling into the embrace of the universe that can carry me so well and so surely. I have handed over the reins and I keep showing up, keep working, keep planning and keep doing but from a different energy, from a space of acknowledgement that there is something bigger at work here that is guiding me, lifting me and creating with me which gives me the freedom to dream big and truly believe in the power within to identify my desires, work towards manifesting them and giving the rest up to universal consciousness to help me bring them into being.

It is humbling that we get to do this work in the care of an energy that is all loving, all knowing, all seeing, that does not judge, that does not mock, that cannot harm and that is endlessly available to support us as we grow, as we learn and as we realise in more and more fundamental ways that we are a manifestation of it and, therefore, a part of it and that the power and love and awareness that so awes us is us and that as soon as we wake up to it – over and over again in more profound ways – that things shift, the physical changes and we know again to trust in the universe to support us, to aid us, to help us grow and manifest the life we deserve as beings of divinity.

Header image: NASA