Wellbeing Meditation

This guided meditation is designed to be used any time you need help connecting with your natural wellbeing.

Record yourself slowly speaking the words below, pausing between sentences.

Allow yourself to hear them with all of your attention.

Lie down. Close your eyes. Relax.

See yourself in a dense forest. There are beautiful, tall trees all around you, thick with shiny, dark green leaves that you can almost see cleaning the air around you.

There is sunlight streaming through the branches, gently touching your skin, cleansing and healing you with its pure and warm energy.

You are barefoot and your feet are held by soft dry grass that is bouncy to the touch.

You feel safe here. Loved. Connected. Whole.

Take a deep breath in though your nose, breathing in the sweet smelling forest air on this beautifully warm day and release as a sigh.

Breathe in again, bringing the beauty of this natural scene into your lungs and again releasing as a sigh.

One more time, deeply breathe in this warm, clean air, filling yourself with particles of natural magic and release as a sigh.

Walk towards a small, cosy clearing that you can see a few steps ahead of you and when you get there, sit down and cross your legs.

Take a moment to feel the gorgeous smooth grass beneath you and notice how soft and shiny and green it is.

Look up at the sky and see the beautiful blue that is unbroken apart from the bright shining sun.

See the trees above you leaning out from their trunks, gently swaying in the lightest of breezes that strokes your arms, your face, your hair.

Hear the birds as they sing to each other, celebrating this moment and the wonder of all existence.

Notice the small flowers on the carpet of grass that have made their way up through the earth and are blooming with joy, bright and stunning, smiling up at the sky.

Slowly stand up and make your way across the clearing towards the sound of water. You can hear a slow trickling and a few steps behind the first trees you come across is a little stream.

It flows surely and slowly down a slight slope, brushing over shining rocks and pebbles as it goes.

Lean over the water and look at your reflection. You are washed clean, you are radiant, you are shining, you are whole, you are brand new.

You are exactly who you have always been underneath everyone else’s judgements and criticisms and labels and choices for you. Underneath your insecurities and defensiveness and unhelpful actions and pain.

Look again at the beauty of who you are. There is a light around you that is white and clear and you can see that your eyes are shining brightly as you smile at yourself and your tears of joy and relief merge with the water of this perfect stream as it continues on its journey.

Stand up straight and make your way over the little natural stone bridge on your right and walk towards the orchard you see in front of you.

Suddenly you are among apple trees that go on for miles and you are surrounded by their green leaves and strong branches and bright red fruit.

The apples look like baubles celebrating life and decorating the wonderful world around you.

Take a deep breath in and smell the fragrance of the fruit, ripe and sweet and delicious. What a perfect design, what a wonderful blueprint, how amazing that you too have been made so well.

Walk through the orchard to the end of the trees and find yourself at a lake. It is still with light ripples across its surface caused by the beautiful warm breeze that is still ruffling your hair and caressing your face and arms.

The sun is bright and reflected on the lake, it’s rays sparkling across the water like thousands of diamonds dancing in light.

Look up and notice the gentle mist that is rising from the lake and making its way up towards the sky and see how it meets the sunlight to create a beautiful rainbow.

Splendid colours of nature bend across the world in front of you in a glorious arch that takes your breath away and connects you with feelings of awe, appreciation and love.

In this moment your true colours are shining too and you are aware of your health, your perfection and your completeness.

Raise your hands to your chest, over your heart and enjoy the spectacle of this majestic rainbow for a little longer.

Walk left around the lake and head towards the circle of white light in the air in front of you. Feel the warmth and love that is coming from it and walk inside.

As you journey through the light back towards the room you are in, feel the energy of strength, of resilience, of intention, of health, of success, of understanding, of wisdom and of wellbeing infusing you.

Come back to the room you are in. Move your fingers and toes, stretch your body, open your eyes and return to full alertness.