What If?

What if we chose to come here to explore life in form?

What if we wanted a rich and wholesome experience that would lead us back to ourselves over and again in more and more profound ways?

What if we decided to arrive because within us is the knowledge that we are always safe and whole?

What if no matter the pain or the suffering, inside of us is a light that never goes out?

What if we have been sent reminders of this in the form of laughter, flowers, refreshing raindrops and sunshine that connect us with the awesome understanding we hold within that there is a greater energy at work than we perceive with our senses?

What if we were gifted the capacity for thought and the faculty of reason so that we can navigate life from this truth and return to it when we need a clear and fresh perspective?

What if our emotions are designed to help us do this by guiding us to get clear on which thoughts to follow and which to let pass by?

What if beneath the experience of our thinking is clarity, creativity and wisdom that we can default to when we understand that thought is the gift of conception and emotions the gift of reflection, communicating to us our state of mind and point of view in the moment?

What if we have the power to enable new thoughts?

What if we can create space in our minds just by deciding to?

What if we are able change our understanding of how life works any time we look beyond our current experience?

What if we can have new thinking about who we really are and what we are really capable of?

What if we can rewrite our stories with love and forgiveness and compassion?

What if we are truly fearless within?

What if we are resilient in the face of all challenges until we believe that we are not?

What if health and happiness and strength are innate and exist within us at all times and in all places?

What if we have overlooked our ability to love?

What if we have forsaken the opportunity to connect?

What if we are designed to see beyond separateness?

What if we are able to recognise God in everyone?

What if we can be patient and kind with those who don’t know this?

What if we can see God within them until they can?

What if other people’s opinions only matter to us because we feel for those out of alignment with their wellbeing and recognise that people only judge when they are feeling out of touch with their divine truth?

What if we have misunderstood our ability to respond rather than react?

What if our core self is never in danger, never under threat and never at risk?

What if we are open to a new experience of life every time we decide to be?

What if the way we think dictates who we express ourselves to be?

What if we can change the way we think as soon as we realise we have the choice to?

What if there is no too old, too late, too much?

What if the world is our oyster, life is our playground and a divine consciousness is supporting us every step of the way?

What if?

Header image: Almond Blossom, Van Gogh