What is Meant for Us

We have all heard that if we follow our bliss, live our passion, the Universe will open doors for us and it does but these aren’t always the doors we are expecting or have been promised and if we aren’t looking in their direction it will seem as if no doors are opening at all. To be open to what is on offer, we first need to let go of our ideas about what our lives should look so that we can find and begin to experience what is meant for us.

Many claim we come here in order to learn certain lessons needed to expand our souls and whether this is true or not, we are not all destined for the same outcome as we are all unique manifestations of consciousness and we surely wouldn’t want to be. This means that whilst one person claims that if we do as they did when it came to living their purpose, the fame and the money and the glory will come, maybe this isn’t meant for us.

Which means that if we do follow our bliss and live our passion and purpose, different doors will open that will lead us down different paths and we will live lives meant for us rather than striving to take part in those meant for others. If we do not see this, we can come to believe we are failing; why aren’t we making money doing what we love? Why don’t we receive recognition for the work we are so passionate about? Why are we not achieving all we were promised we would?

When we let go of the unhelpful idea that we can have the same life as somebody else by following exactly in their footsteps we will find ourselves living the lives that are right for us. The Universe does open doors for us and when we drop our expectations, we widen our vision and our perspective shifts so that we are able to notice is on offer. If we can explore these possibilities instead of dismissing them because they aren’t as somebody else said they would be, we will find that following our bliss and living our passion leads us to lives and experiences meant for us.

And this is what satisfies us, this is what enriches our lives, this is what leads us to growth and joy and transformation and success because we are showing up in ways that are authentic and signalling to the intelligence of the Universe that we are a part of that we are ready for the next step and we find our way on the path that is right for us and doors do open, we do achieve and succeed but not in the way that others have done or promised but in the ways that resonate with our truth, our message, our uniqueness.

In this way, we let go of expectation which allows us to become more fully present and when we are present we are less clouded by ideas about what should happen or who we should become and more connected with the energy of life and who we really are. We are open, trusting, clear and not seeking assurances and guarantees but more conscious in our approach, more joyful in our actions and more aware of our options and the opportunities that are available to us.

When we live this way, we experience what feels like more than coincidence or serendipity and more like Divine guidance and intervention as we co create along with the Universe, harmoniously bringing into being what we want from a place of authentic realisation and understanding about what is right for us on our path. We do not get distracted by what others are doing unless something sparks our inspiration and imagination and we celebrate their successes and achievements without needing to strive for them ourselves.

We lift the weight of failure from our shoulders and set down our illusions about what we should be doing and gaining and aspiring to because we do not need our lives to develop as other people’s have, we only want to follow our inner guidance and see where it leads us. This allows us to listen to other people’s stories and advice with curiosity rather than a need to do as they did and be as they are and so we leave ourselves room to reflect on their accounts and experiences without believing we have to follow them and we give ourselves space to consider what might be the way for us.

Which leads us to create in the world what needs to be created and take part in life in a way that benefits us all. Because we are not yearning for what is not, we are responding to what is, we are in alignment with what is on offer, we are conscious of our innate wisdom and aware of our intuition and following insightful impulses and loving the momentum as we proceed. When we follow our bliss, live our passion, the Universe does open doors for us. If we can stop focusing on those that are open for others, we will finally notice them and when we do, follow the path that is meant for us.